Women Squirting - Questions and Answers

Most frequently asked questions from my readers about women squirting are being answered here. If you have your own questions related to the area of squirting orgasms, female ejaculation, and female sexuality in general, use this contact form.

Q: Can any woman have a squirting orgasm?

A: Yes, ANY woman can experience female ejaculation AND have squirting orgasms. It may take longer time for some women to learn squirting. All women have the Paraurethral / Skenes glands so ANY woman is able to ejaculate and have squirting orgasms.

Q: Is it possible that some women experience the release of the fluid but do not experience the accompanying squirting orgasm?

A: Yes. Many women have an experience of accidentally squirting during sexual intercourse or masturbation. However, squirting orgasm requires MORE than simply a short mechanical stimulation of the appropriate area inside woman’s vagina.

Reasons may vary from not enough stimulation to not being able to relax. See next question for more details on what may prevent women squirting.

Q: I seem to do everything properly but my girlfriend still cannot achieve squirting orgasm. What could be the reason?

A: ANY woman can learn having squiring orgasms and ejaculate. However, some factors may strongly influence that ability.
  • Not enough stimulation. Women squirting most of the time combines with a very high level of arousal. That level is highly INDIVIDUAL and varies from woman to woman.
  • Not stimulating the right area. In order for a woman to experience female ejaculation and women squirting you have to stimulate the right area and this is the G spot. Read this article and learn to locate that area properly.

    Also, her G spot area must be stimulated for a long time and this sometimes means 30 minutes or an hour. Be patient and gentle and remember to COMMUNICATE with your partner.

    Get feedback on every action you undertake. Let her understand that you are not telepathic. Some women might expect you to read their mind so make them realize that this is not the case. You need some good feedback from her. In short, if you want to see your women squirting - communicate!

  • The intensity of the stimulation. Start very gently and gradually increase the pressure. However, remember to ask how she feels every time you do it. Some techniques may work with one woman but be less effective with another. Experiment, try different things.

    There is a variety of different pressure techniques and ways on massaging her body and the vagina so there are plenty of ways to help ANY woman to achieve squirting orgasm.

  • Psychological factors. In fact, this might be the biggest obstacle to women squirting. Two very important points: a woman must be very comfortable with you and also quite comfortable with herself.

    Make her understand that you LOVE doing this and that whatever happens (some women may be shy to squirt in front of another person) you are enjoying it. She might be also feeling under pressure to squirt.

    Assure her that whether it will happen or not – it does not matter. It is simply a wonderful experience for both of you. There might be also some deep fears related to the past or to her sexuality.

    One of my girlfriends was simply afraid to let it happen because, in her own words “I am a 26 year old girl and I thought I knew EVERYTHING about sex. And here I felt such an ENORMOUS pleasure approaching that I had to stop it.”

    It took me few days to reassure her and let her gradually release the tension and to let squirting orgasm to come. This was an amazing experience for her.

Q: What is the ejaculation fluid exactly? Is it urine or is it the same fluid that lubricates the vagina when a woman gets aroused?

A: The liquid IS NOT urine and NOT the same fluid that lubricates the vagina walls. According to lab tests, that liquid contains PAP (prostatic acid phosphatase) which is a major component of male semen. It has much higher levels of glucose than urine.

The fluid is very similar to the prostate fluid in male ejaculate. The only difference is that it does not contain any sperm. Two other components that are found in it, urea and creatinine, are also found in urine. However, here they are present in a lot lower concentrations.

Q: Where is the ejaculation fluid produced?

A: In the Paraurethral / Skenes glands. They are an analogue of male prostate.

Q: How much liquid may come out? My girlfriend has like a teaspoon and I heard some women have much more. What is “normal” in this case?

A: The amount of fluid is highly individual. There is no “normal” amount of it. Every woman is unique so it varies greatly. I saw a huge variety among the woman I taught squirting orgasms and female ejaculation.

Sometimes it is indeed a teaspoon and some women ejaculate half a liter or more liquid during the squirting session. This means not at once but during the length of a couple of hours.

Q: Does stimulation of the clitoris help to achieve squirting orgasm?

A: Yes. It most definitely does.

Q: Should I let my girlfriend pee before we start the whole thing?

A: Yes. Particularly in the beginning when she just starts to learn squirting, it is better to let her empty her bladder. Thus she will be relaxed and know for sure that the urge to urinate she is starting to feel after a while of stimulating her g spot area is actually squiring orgasm approaching.

Q: How many times can a woman have squirting orgasm?

A: This varies greatly depending on the woman. Physical shape, diet, psychological factors I mentioned above can all play a part. Similarly, some men can have sex many times a night and others need a break for a few hours before they can ejaculate again.

Q: Is it possible for female ejaculate to have a similar odor (smell) like urine? Is it also possible for female ejaculate to have a similar color as urine?

A: Yes, it can. It comes out of the same opening in female body and can have colour, odor, and density similar to urine.

In fact, quite often researchers find a bit of urine in squirting liquid. In case one or both partners want to be sure that this is not urine - just go to the bathroom before the squirting session.

Also, if you feel the urge to urinate during the session (and usually it is squirting orgasm approaching) - give it a try and go to the bathroom.

If you can urinate - do it and come back totally assured that your bladder is empty and the only liquid that can come out is female ejaculate.

But even if your bladder is empty the liquid still may have some similarity with urine (odor, color, etc). Only remember, it's NOT urine.

This list of Questions and Answers on women squirting stays open. If you have any questions, use this contact form.

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