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This article on women sexuality (just like all else on this website) assists you in unplugging from "the matrix" and starting to live more conscious and happy life.

You begin to see the role modern society plays in dividing men and women and making women to repress and deny their natural urges and desires.

After reading this article, you will (hopefully) gain more freedom and ability to enjoy your sexuality and eroticism without any feelings of guilt or regret.

Let's take a closer look at the roles modern men and women are programmed to play.

Sidenote: words "women sexuality" jump out at you a bit too many times from the text of the article. Neglect it. It's done with a sole purpose to please search engines and let more people find this article and to receive this knowledge.


Vast majority of men grow up with an idea that sensuality, being emotional, gentleness - are purely female qualities. Therefore, there must be something wrong with a man who demonstrates those qualities.

He is either “weak” or even worse – he is treacherous and does it in order to manipulate women. (Note: I am not talking “metrosexuality” here.)

However, if you look deeper - external demonstration of force is often just a mask. It is overcompensation for deep-rooted insecurity. Real power has nothing to prove.

Think about this – greatest artists, musicians, actors were man.

Women can produce more emotional and dramatic appearance but under it – there is robust and flexible power. That power allows women to go through very tough circumstances.

She allows herself to cry while men bite their lips and keep silent.

Those ideas of ‘tough” and “strong” men (translated by many as “men with lack of sensitivity”) are spread into many areas of life. Society teaches men to be aggressive and competitive. Lack of feelings and emotions often equates in with power.


At the same time, society teaches women to be feminine, to show their weakness and helplessness when necessary. They also should be attractive and passive.

Worst of all is the idea that LOVE and ROMANCE are for girls, and sex is for boys.


As a result of the above programming, we have men who think that they should be aggressive and competitive. This is another implication of scarcity mentality pervading modern society.

Many men also sincerely think that LOVE is for “weak ones.” Such men approach sex as purely physical enterprise and their only goal is their own sexual satisfaction.

Though such a man may have deep longing for gentleness and “softness” – he learned that in order to be a “real man” - he has to suppress his feelings.

Women are programmed in exactly the opposite way. She should be passive and sentimental. Sex is supposed to be a part of LOVE story. This makes her a “real woman.” Women are programmed to suppress their own women sexuality and to ignore emotions of men.

This brings to bed two screwed up individuals. Each of them needs from another something that another HAS TO HIDE. This is why lack of empathy and understanding is so common in great majority of (sexual) relationships.


When it comes to women sexuality - from a very early age girls are under constant pressure and severe brainwashing.

  • They are taught what a "slut" behavior is and what it means to be a “good" girl.
  • Until recently, we all were taught the value of virginity. Women were also taught that their body is a sacred temple and only a very ‘special” man (i.e. her husband) will get access to it one day.
  • This leads to the next lie - namely – a woman can only feel good about herself if she is married (i.e. when she is taken by some "worthy” man).

What does all the above nonsense mean? Simple. It means that society implicitly pushes woman into SELLING her sexuality in exchange for a contract. That contract provides lifelong support for her and her children. The name of it is "marriage."

The same society has a name for a woman that sells her sexuality in exchange for something. We all know it. For those who doubt - it is "prostitute" or "slut."

Again, this is what society does in the end of the day - it pushes woman into selling herself. This may sound a bit far-fetched but think for a moment here and you will see the big picture of things.

Society implicitly tells women that however intelligent, well-educated, smart, or ambitious she is – her “main” goal in life is catching and keeping a good husband.

Even if she has a great career, high salary, and excellent social life – her mother and many others will try to convince her that until she becomes wife and mother – her existence is quite senseless.

If you follow this logic, you quickly realize that for many women sex becomes a weapon on her way to marriage. She can “play” with various men for a short while and even have some fun here and there. Women sexuality is only superficially touched during this period.

However, she always has to remember her MAIN goal. Therefore, when she meets some guy who looks like a good candidate to become her long-term boyfriend or husband – she immediately withholds sex and lets him “deserve” it.

This way society puts women in a very nasty position. Women sexuality gets misused and turns AGAINST women.


One of the consequences we all have to deal with is a concept of being “sexy.”

Those powers who propagate marriage as an ultimate ideal and peak of girl’s life - teach women that they have to do everything possible to be “sexy.”

This goes very well along with female hormonal working and does not require a lot of effort.

However, ‘sexy” for those forces has nothing to do with enjoying woman’s sexuality or other pleasures.

Being “sexy” means to make a man to desire her SO MUCH that he will marry her. Nobody tells her that sex is a source of great pleasure and it is normal and natural part of life.

None of mothers I know ever taught their daughters any sexual techniques. The only education girls receive is negative. Father may give his son few decent advices. However, if the same father will hear that his daughter lost her virginity – he will be quite upset.

This whole bunch of issues does not permit girls to learn anything sexual properly. She has no idea what is good blowjob or "deep throat." She often does not have any idea about how to reach her own orgasm.

How many types of female orgasm are there? 99% of women will tell you "1 or 2." There are 11(!). Read this article on female orgasm to learn about them all.

This is direct result of social (family included) programming that it is “indecent” for a woman to think about sex too much and on the other hand she has to be "sexy" to catch and keep a long-term partner. Women take position of someone who is not interested in sex and thus cut themselves off this vital, healthy, and pleasurable part of their lives.


How do you solve the issue of suppressed and neglected women sexuality? First, once you are aware of it – you have a CHOICE. You can continue playing the game. However, you become CONSCIOUS player. You are not some blind puppet programmed long ago, once and forever. That implies – you can create your own rules.

Eventually, you can step out of the game, choose freedom, and start living life of your own design. Educate others. Help them to make better, conscious choices. Women sexuality is suppressed and not enjoyed to the fullest for the most part because of massive ignorance. So… spread the word.

Note: many thanx to Ruth Dixon for providing food for thought and materials for this article.

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