What is Foreplay?

The answer to the question, "What is foreplay?" is deceptively simple. Foreplay is all what happens between you and your woman (or women) before you actually penetrate her. This includes everything from kissing, undressing, and hugging to petting and performing oral sex.

Foreplay can begin long before you enter the bedroom.

Consider situation when you where out having dinner with your partner.

During the dinner, you were flirting, exchanging sentences full of underlying sexual meaning, accidentally and purposefully touching each other under the restaurant table, getting more and more excited. This was foreplay.

After you came home, you rushed into the bedroom and had hot sex. You were so excited that you tore her cloths off and penetrated her right away.

After half an hour, two of you were laying there in each other’s arms enjoying the afterglow. After that, she rose, kissed you on the chick, and left to the shower.

Stop. Something is missing here.

Did she tell you that it was the most amazing sex of her entire life? Did she send you a short message next afternoon telling that you are the most amazing lover she ever had?

If she did not – you probably did not pay enough attention to foreplay.

It started in the restaurant and it should have continued in the bedroom. And it should have been LOOOOONG.

Teasing, playing, not giving her what she wants straight away – these are all good ingredients of it.

So what is foreplay? Everything before the penetration. I shall add here – everything that leads to her DEEP satisfaction. However long time it may take - is IRRELEVANT.

One tip: it normally takes much longer than you think...


Actually, people ask this question most frequently. Both men and women are too often unaware of the importance of it.

This results in lack of sexual satisfaction, anger, irritation, and breakups. However, you don’t have to follow this path. Once you learn (in addition to "What is foreplay") also WHY it is so important – your intimate life and your relationship/s will HUGELY improve.

It is well known fact that female sexual arousal is like a volume knob and male one is like a light switch. In order to make her REALLY aroused – you have to spend enough time “warming her up”. This is actually most enjoyable and sensual part of lovemaking.

Most important realization here is that the processes in female body, which lead to full-blown arousal, are SLOW. It takes time to get her vaginal lubrication process up and running. It takes time for her clitoris to erect. In addition, it takes time for her cervix to rise.

(This last point is particularly important for couples trying to conceive a baby.) All those specifics make extended forelay a NECESSITY rather than a luxury.

Therefore, take your time, immerse in the process, enjoy, and be very, very patient. This (among few other things) is what distinguishes good lovers from the rest in woman's mind.

If you are single - this knowledge will give you many exciting nights with different girls. If you are in a relationship - that's the best free relationship advice for improving the quality of your sexual intimacy.

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