The Structure of Successful Interaction. Part 7 – the Art of Seduction. Going Home Together

The art of seduction is like a puzzle made of many different pieces. This is the last piece when it comes to the structure of successful interactions with women.

If you followed this guide all the way from the introduction article until now, you have a very clear picture of what to do, when, and how to do it.

This last part is actually very easy once you have done all the previous steps right and without skipping.

You and your girl are either in a club, bar, or any other location where you met. Other option – you already changed venues and are having a great time somewhere in a quiet café or a lounge.

It is now the time for you to say, “Hey, what two cool people like us are doing in a place like that? Let’s go home.”

There might be 3 possible answers to this:

First – she will say, “Sure” and two of you simply go home and have a great time. Read articles from my Sexual Intimacy series to make sure that your girl is REALLY going to have a GREAT time.

Second – she will let you know (either directly or indirectly) that she needs some more time to get to know you. Guys, understand, women are like a volume knob and they need much MORE TIME than you do to get intimate with a stranger.

It is a fact. Respect it. Keep building comfort, escalate physically and things will work out very well for you at the end. Read this article on sexuality to learn more about basic differences between men and women when it comes down to sexual intimacy.

Third option – she cannot go with you because there are some external things preventing her from doing that. Examples – she may have her period, she must be home before certain hour, she has a rule of not going home with someone at the first night, etc.

There can be millions of reasons. Do not blame yourself if she refuses. Often it is out of your control. What do you do in such case? Be cool, get her number, and get in touch with her next day. Set up a date and take it from there.

Acceptance of inevitable is a very important piece of a puzzle in the art of seduction.

Note: It is better to exchange phone numbers earlier than later because you never know what kind of situation may arise and you will not see each other again that evening. This holds true particularly for clubs and bars where people are often drunk and their behavior is impossible to predict.


In the art of seduction, it is extremely important to follow ALL of these steps in a logical order. Skipping one of them undermines all the efforts you put in so far. Note that every stage has its own specifics and logically follows from the previous one.

This is like a computer game. You successfully pass one level, make one mistake a, get killed, and have to start everything again from the level one.

Remember, just like anything else in life, practice makes things perfect. Read this guide, get out of your house, and start interacting. This is the surest way to success.

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