Sexual Intimacy - Mastering Sensual Touching

This dating guide puts a special value on learning the art of sensual touching and sexual intimacy. The process of mastering physical contact is MASSIVELY important for your dating journey.

The ability to touch smoothly and seductively should be taught in high schools instead of many subjects that people won’t need in their lives anyway.

Ask any woman and you will hear how much she enjoys gentle, erotic touching. An issue of many people is that they never took time to learn how to do it.

In terms of sexual intimacy, sensual touching is a wonderful way to explore new aspects of your own and your partner’s sexuality.

This is something you want to explore in fullest detail. Take your time, do not rush things. Learn to get into the erotic flow. Let it begin and then simply go with a stream of energy.

  • Ideally, sensual, erotic touch is an amazingly pleasurable thing in and by itself. You can even make a special date with your partner/s and do just that for a full hour or so. It’s up to you to continue to sex afterwards.
  • Create the right mood for this exciting occasion. Just as you would do for sex, you can create a very special atmosphere for a sensual touch. Make it a part of your sexual intimacy ritual if you wish.
  • Soft lighting, warm space, lounge music – all those elements will create a sphere were both of you can deeply relax and allow the sensual exploration to flow.

To let another person to relax even deeper you can ask him or her to close their eyes or even to blindfold them. Sensual touching is a very delicate and intimate process and you might not want another person to be watching you.

Try to clear your mind of all thoughts and just enjoy the pure sensation. Combine it with smelling your partner’s skin. All those things are immensely pleasurable and build a very deep bond of intimacy between the partners.

  • Touch your partner in a most subtle and gentle way you can. Learn where is the point where your pressure begins to tickle them. Usually, too light touch is ticklish. You will have to apply a bit more pressure. This subtle point is different for every person, so take your time to discover it.
  • Tell them about things that always turn you on in their bodies, skin, and smell.
  • Touch using different parts of your body. Try tongue, back of your palm, cheeks, and tips of your fingers. Enjoy all the different sensations you will get. Notice how your partner reacts on each of your actions.

Play with intensity of your touch. Let it be firm sometimes and next let your touch just glide over your partner’s body without any effort from you at all.

Combine different kinds of touch. Use your tongue first and then add your fingertips and your palms.

Learn sensual touching. It will open a totally new dimension of sexual intimacy for you. Explore... Discover... Enjoy...

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