Clearing Misconceptions and Confusion Before You See Her Squirt

Before you will see her squirt you will have to remove some limiting beliefs and prejudices surrounding female ejaculation. This is going to be FUN!

Note: ladies, if you want to do it alone and just try to play with yourself and so reach the climax – read on. This is valuable knowledge for you before you begin.

In short, squirting orgasm takes place along with female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation is a release of a fluid that is produced by the Paraurethral/Skenes glands. Click here for more details of this wonderful subject.

When woman is in a state of sexual arousal the fluid is released from the glands into the tissue surrounding the urethra (urethra sponge).


The fluid is coming out of urethra tube. There is popular misconception that it is urine but it is not. Tests show that it contains elements, which are also major components of male semen.

In fact, the fluid is similar to the prostate fluid within male ejaculate.

The only thing that urine and ejaculation fluid have in common is a channel they both use to exit the body (urethra tube).

Simply said, it looks as if woman is peeing when you see her squirt. She may often have a feeling that she has to pee right before the ejaculatory orgasm.

This confusion may play a very important role in woman’s ability to ejaculate and to experience powerful squirting orgasm.

Why? Simply because she may feel embarrassed about the natural process of ejaculation and as a result she forces the fluid backward and into the bladder. She does it using the same set of muscles she uses to restrict the flow of her urine from the bladder (PC muscles).

This is called "retrograde ejaculation." In such case, no orgasm takes place because of psychological pressure she experiences combined with her inability to release herself physically.

So here we come to the most important thing to understand about the female ejaculation. If you want to see her squirt (or see yourself squirt if you are a single woman) you must overcome woman’s fear of urinating during sex.

That’s all you have to do. Celebrate her ejaculation just as much as a man’s ejaculation process!

Note: There are also many women that DO NOT HAVE an urge to go to the bathroom while approaching this wonderful orgasm. Both cases are totally normal. Every woman is unique.


You really want to see her squirt and your techniques might be good but they are not the decisive factor.

Most important here are woman’s own thoughts and beliefs about what she may and may not do in bed and in front of others.

Particularly when you are just in the beginning phase of learning “how to” this can play a big role. With time it will become easier and easier. Practice makes it perfect.

After years of teaching women and couples to achieve squirting orgasm I have an intuitive understanding of what kind of barriers any particular woman might have after first few minutes that I spend with her.

It is soooo delightful to see how she lets go of her limiting beliefs and what a life-changing event these powerful orgasms become for her.

This is what you have to do BEFORE you begin any action:

  • Realize that as a partner you are only ASSISTING her to achieve squirting orgasm. For the most part SHE ALLOWS HERSELF to have one.
  • She has to RELEASE, to LET GO of mental load that is distracting her. She has to give in to the NOW, into sensations and pleasures of her body. Only then you see her squirt.

    Note: Even if she is gorgeous - she is still very much aware of her (imaginable) shortcomings, noises, smells, and tastes. Often the more beautiful she is the more time and effort it will require putting her at ease with her own sexuality. It’s not as easy to be a beautiful woman, as it seems, guys!

  • Your mission as a partner here is to let her know how much you adore, admire and respect her. You LOVE women. Female pleasure is the most important thing for you. Communicate. Convey it.

Bottom line: she must feel very comfortable with you and have a good emotional connection. Remember, this is most personal and intimate experience for any woman.


Let her pee before you begin. Make her communicate with you. When she feels like going to the bathroom right in the middle of your stimulation re-assure her that this is a good thing and a signal of approaching ejaculation.

The G spot area you will be sexually stimulating often will give your woman a strong feeling of “having to pee.” This feeling may last for a little while before changing into intense sexual pleasure.

This is the key to success: if a woman feels as if she has to pee and pushes outward using her vaginal muscles (following the natural instinct), totally ignoring fear of urinating, female ejaculation will most likely happen.

Ladies, when you face this “peeing” sensation DO NOT HOLD IT. Instead, RELEASE your muscles AND PUSH INTO THE PLEASURE.

Realize that when a woman achieves female ejaculation she is truly letting herself go on many levels.

  • Physically she is pushing out ejaculate getting an orgasm, which is so powerful that other orgasms are weak compared to it.
  • On mental and emotional levels she is letting go of limiting beliefs, misconceptions, and confusion with regard to her female sexuality. She allows YOU to see her squirt and celebrate with her.



This step-by-step method I would rather call a “magic shortcut.” Unfortunately this way of achieving squirting orgasm has its drawbacks. There is no guarantee that you will see her squirt.

Why? Be aware that it may very well work for you (your woman) due to her physiological ability to squirt quite easily. I am giving you this technique in case your woman naturally or accidentally squirts during an intercourse or masturbation.

It can allow you to begin learning it ON YOUR OWN (i.e. without good professional guidance) for your extended pleasure, knowingly, and consciously.

From my own extensive experience as a partner and as a guide I can tell you that many women need some good professional assistance to learn it.

The whole system includes special Tantric massage, working on pressure points and it guarantees success in vast majority of cases.

Here I want to repeat once again that ALL WOMEN CAN LEARN TO HAVE SQUIRTING ORGASMS.

See this method not as a final solution but rather as an introduction into the sensual, exciting, and life-changing world of squirting orgasm. Sooner or later you WILL see her squirt.

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