The Structure of Successful Interaction. Part 6 – More Secrets of Seduction - Honesty and Appreciation

Among other secrets of seduction, honesty is extremely important in dating and eventually in a happy fulfilling relationship. Most people believe in using social masks, manipulation, tricks, and techniques. However, all that stuff inevitably backfires at them.

In my opinion, there is no sense in lying to another human being.

When you lie to a woman, remember that she will be the one laying next to you in your bed while you are asleep.

People who play roles and pretend to be someone else have one trait in common - they don’t believe that anyone can like them for who they REALLY ARE.

As a result, they wear various masks and sometimes may even successfully fool someone for a while. However, their intimate relationships do not last long.

Learning various secrets of seduction will not help them.

Even the best actor eventually becomes tired of his mask and let it fall from time to time. This usually happens within a year after they start living with another person. As a rule, their partner leaves them with words, “You are SOOO different from the person I first met...” Does this phrase sound any familiar to YOU?

There is one more reason why honesty is one of the most important secrets of seduction.

Women can read men much better than any man can imagine. Guys, she knows who you really are most of the time within minutes (or hours) after your first meeting. Do not think you fooled her. She might simply have decided to play along for a while.

How many people are doing this? Check divorce statistics in Google or simply look around. Now decide for yourself – which way are YOU choosing to go?

For me - it is worth taking the risk of showing my real face. She can either take it or leave it. Great relationships are often the award of such direct and honest behavior.

Back to the structure now.

You are at the point in your interaction with a girl where you already found quite a few things about her. She is attracted to you, does not want you to leave, and you two have some history together. She also she feels very comfortable and at ease.

All those steps were described in previous articles of this guide. Read them starting with the introduction page if you have not done so already.

In any case, I assume that if you decide to go home with this particular girl – it means that she is interesting, fun, and attractive person.

Now the time has come to tell her about one of her qualities that make her so attractive to you. This act of open and honest appreciation of her personality trait will put you apart from hordes of other men who obviously went after her exterior and only complimented her beauty.

However, you have to be honest. Remember, this one of all secrets of seduction is about being HONEST. There must be something in her you REALLY like. AND IT’S NOT HER LOOKS.

In fact, finding such a trait and expressing respect and admiration is not a problem at all if you are communicating with her like a human being and really trying to find out things about her personality.

Note: Do not try for rapport when you do this. Read this dating guidance article on different rapport styles and tonality types.

In short, do not try to compliment her while undertaking this step. Say it in a matter of fact manner. Ask her – what made her this way. Tell her that you do not see this attractive quality in people nowadays.

Again, do this from the heart. If there is nothing you can point out – better don’t say anything at all.

On the other hand, if I invest so much time and energy into getting to know someone – there is ALWAYS something that I find interesting and attractive about that particular person. And generally, it’s not her looks.

Next step of your interaction with a girl is, in fact, the last step of this whole structure. You are about to take her home. Congratulations, you came so far! Next article will tell you all you have to know about it...

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