Dating Guide. Step 4 - Rules of Dating. Creating an Action Plan of Your Success with Women

Applicatioon of the rules of dating begins here at this particular step of the dating guide. Hot, open-minded, and so irresistibly sincere sexual partner in your bed... Does not land there out of the blue… Take your time and handpick the One, or may be two or three. Everything is possible - just takes some brains and consistent effort. In any case, it all starts with a PLAN.

Studying the rules of dating, creating a plan of action is similar to any other action plan you ever made. If you never made any planning, it’s time to start up with this one.

After all, this area of your life is too important to be left to an accident. Your intimate relationships determine a lot in your life.

If a man shuts his ego up for a second and thinks how wonderful his life would be if he had an abundant CHOICE of women... Well, he would invest MUCH more time into the LEARNING process.

If you are still reading this guide studying the rules of dating, chances are high that you are one of a few men who can actually achieve that abundance.

Why do you need a plan? Sporadic, dissipated action will not bring you anywhere. Of all people who start learning how to be successful with meeting opposite sex, 95% are still at the same level even 5 years later. How comes? They never bothered to apply the rules of dating peoperly.

And as we all know, proper application begins with a good PLANNING.

In fact, it is true about any area of life. How many people you know who started a diet, really followed it through, and now have a healthy lifestyle and great bodies? Statistics tell us that the majority of those who start a diet become even more overweight 2 years later.

Nothing can replace persistence but you still need a good plan of action. Initially, guys are all excited and empowered by a new info and perspectives of success. However, after a couple of months, other things start to interfere.

There is always an excuse NOT to act. And… well, eventually some new habit takes over. Just to repeat the same vicious circle after another couple of months. In any field of endeavor, the only people who succeed are those who stuck to daily action. This becomes particularly important when the initial enthusiasm is gone.

You don’t have to quit your job to become successful though some people choose to do that. If you go out 2-3 nights a week (or days for that matter), you will not recognize yourself after 2 years.


Your Master Plan of Glory should cover the following three topics:


Where and when are you planning to go?

Generally, I use 3 months timeframe for my plans. However, I make detailed plans for a month when it comes to seminars, workshops, and private consultations. In any case, it’s purely a matter of your personal choice.

Your question here might be, “Where do I go to meet women?” The answer is very simple. Everywhere. Nightclubs naturally have high concentration of women and the mood is appropriate. Café’s, bars, parks, libraries, fitness clubs - they are all good places for meeting women.

Get a local issue of Time Out magazine and make a schedule of events that interest you. If you go out twice a week, it’s already very good.

Get creative. If you are using public transport to get to your work/study/home – make it an exercise too. The rules of dating this dating guide teaches you are equally applicable on a bus trip, metro, or a nightclub. It's all the same.

Start making baby-steps learning to hold an eye contact, to say "Hi," and eventually even to have a short conversation with a beautiful stranger. You don’t have to rush things.

You progress naturally from one step to another. It took me about 6 months to come all the way from holding eye contact to having a good conversation and exchanging contact info. It’s doable. The only question is if you have the discipline to stick to your plan.


Good eye contact, strong and clear voice, plus your ability to master body language are among most important dating skills. Actually, after following previous steps and doing some homework, you probably already have a pretty good idea of what skills you will have to work on.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Following this guide on the rules of dating, taking one easy step after another will take you to your goal.

The simple truth is that if you concentrate on developing your personality, lifestyle, attracting interesting friends - the rest of the story will take care of itself.

Word of (relationship) advice here: do not pretend to be someone you are not. Bring you best self to the table. Enough people will like you just for you. Rejection is your pay for being a personality. The price of putting yourself out there is that some people may not like you. You can live with it.

Learning the rules of dating, you may find the following tips on developing your skills to be extremely useful:

  • Concentrate on ONE skill at a time. Develop it slowly but steadily until you feel like you mastered it. Trust your own intuition.
  • Good rule of a thumb is this: work on any given skill for 6 months.

    For example, you decide to pay attention to your posture. It is a very important aspect of non–verbal communication. You may choose Alexander technique and you decide to stick to your plan. From now on, wherever you are - you are constantly aware of your posture and of the way you hold yourself.

  • After six months - just LET IT GO. Your unconscious puts that particular skill on an autopilot. Some things will take less time and some will take a bit more. But one day you let it go and start learning the next chapter of the rules of dating and the dating game.

    You can always come back a year later and refresh your memory if you so decide. That's why regular evaluation of your progress is so important.


Here you will state - for example - that you will to talk to five women every time you go out.

Your interactions shall last as long as possible.

You plan to stay with those women until either you take their phone number or they walk away.

This is just an example.

Adjust this one of the rules of dating to your own needs and current situation. Do not overcomplicate things. It’s unnecessary. Create a plan. Print it out. Keep it close and really stick to it. Review it every time you come home.

Journaling is highly advisable if you are serious about your progress. You don’t have to write, there are plenty of journaling software programs available.

The most challenging part is obviously sticking to your plan no matter what.

Once you complete this step of the dating guide, you can actually go out and start meeting women. Next chapter of this dating guide will give you valuable tips on do’s and don’t of going out and applying the rules of dating.

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