Dating Guide. Step 6 - Evaluating Your Progress. Online Dating Tips

This set of the online dating tips is a part of the dating guide and it will keep you on track and help to evaluate your progress.

So far, you followed all of the previous steps of this dating guide and started to go out executing your plan of action. It’s now important to check your progress regularly using these online dating tips with a single purpose to keep you on the right (and fast!) track.

Professional pilots will tell you that when any plane is on its way to any given destination – it is flying out of course 95% of the time.

Small corrections are being made with regular intervals to keep the plane flying straight.

The same principle applies here.

After you go out for a month, sit down and evaluate your progress.

In doing so, journaling can help tremendously. You don’t have to write things down; there is plenty of excellent journaling software available.

Years ago, I used to read my "going-out" journal notes every Sunday. It gave me some kind of helicopter view and allowed to see things I did not notice in daily life.

When the same issue keeps popping up week after week in your journal writings – you see clearly what part of life needs extra attention and work.


There are only three possible scenarios for your evaluation. It’s that simple. Johnny Soporno often describes them at his seminars.

You made plans, based on certain assumptions. Now, after a while you’ve got some new data. Compare the outcome data with your original plan.

You may have the following three situations:

1. Nothing worked. Step back and see where the problem is. Was it something that you could not have predicted or you did not predict? Was it a persistent problem like a reasoning error? Make corrections, then go out again, and act accordingly.

2. The results were satisfactory but not as good as you expected. In this case, once again, go back and figure out why. Once you find the reason – work from there.

3. You made an action plan, went out and everything worked just as you expected. In this case – congratulate yourself, and go to the next step of your plan.

Do this kind of evaluation at least once a month. Use these online dating tips. Make appropriate adjustments in your action plan and then go out for another month. Wash, rinse, repeat.

As life itself, this dating guide does not have a real end but rather is a manual to your personal spiral of success.

After you evaluate your progress, the next step of this dating guide and online dating tips will help you to stay moving, draw right conclusions, and continue on your glorious journey to success with women and dating.

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