Interesting Facts About Love Making Positions

In this article I share some of my interesting findings on love making positions. I will tell you what are my favorite ones are and how to master as many as possible in a shortest period of time in another article.

There are literally 100’s of love making positions and 1000’s variations.

There are plenty of guides 100’s of pages thick that explain all those in detail.

At some point of life many people start to suspect that their knowledge of sex requires some etra attention and decide to get some additional education. Which is great.

Since my circle includes many people who really love sex, practice it often and tend to enjoy variety in bed – I made a little private enquête (survey) so to speak.

I asked them the following questions:

  • Where did you learn sexual positions you are using now?
  • How many do you actually use in bed?
  • Do you feel you miss anything if you are not using 100+ you’ve read about?

I got some interesting answers:

With no exception – they all read a book or two on lovemaking positions.

The number of intercourse positions they actually practice in bed varied between 4 and 8. Funniest thing, those were the same positions almost by everybody.

Everyone mentioned the same pattern. Fist they were all excited and curious. Then after a short period of trying – they came back to whatever number they are practicing now.

Reasons for it were also quite similar:

  • Many positions require excellent physical condition of both partners and a lot of stamina.
  • Many positions require too much attention and effort simply to keep them in place.
  • People were not able to concentrate on their intimate sensations.
  • Some positions look very exciting in the book but once they tried – those lovemaking positions were not that pleasurable at all.

I can say that my eown experience was eactly the same.

So after a while, people adopted 2 or 3 positions more and armed with that knowledge - came back to their 4-8 lovemaking positions they practice now.

I too have to admit that the amount of positions I KNOW largely exceeds the amount of positions I actually PRACTICE.

This info is there not to discourage you from experimenting and discovering new stuff. It is simply a pattern I discovered.

Buttom line: it seems wiser to invest time and effort in choosing, selecting, and mastering few positions. But master them REALLY well. What you see on various fotos of lovemaking positions is deceptively simple. There is a whole world to it.

I will zoom into some fascinating details in my next article.

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