Dating Guide. Step 1 - How to Meet Women. Figuring out Who You Are and What You Want in Life

This part of the dating guide on the subject of how to meet women deals with fundamentals of your success in dating, relationships, and anything in life in general. Read the introduction article to get a bigger picture of things if you have not done so yet.

If you look back and see times when you failed in a relationship or a dating-attempt – was it not the distorted picture about yourself and the world that screwed things up?

This was exactly the case with me.

Only after I began to dig deep and discovered what I really wanted and what I stood for in life - my relationships became happy, loving, and charging me with positive energy.

Where to start? Realize that whatever happens in your life...


This is the most productive mindset you can adopt. You are responsible for everything in your life. The more control you want to have – the more responsibility you must eventually assume.

This is the most important realization to have before you even approach the subject of how to meet women.

In fact, you are omnipotent and when you adopt a mindset of having an influence on everything that happens in your life – you begin slowly but surely see your influence expanding.

If you say that you have no control and you are a victim of circumstances - this also starts happening. You can use your power against you or for you. The choice is all yours.


If you want to live a life of your dreams and learn how to meet women you think you deserve - you have to step up. This dating guide will help you to do that.


Finding out answers to this question may take a while. However, it is definitely worth the effort. There was a time when you were totally authentic, honest, and happy.

The question of how to meet women did not exist. You met everyone you liked very easily.

It was when you were a kid. Things did not work out well sometimes so you started to construct a MASK.

Gradually it became a multilayered body of lies, pretending, posing, and roles you thought you had to play.

Women can see through this stuff. They have radar. It’s called Female Intuition. There is no sense in walking around asking women about it. Go read scientific research outside of this dating guide and find out for yourself what an amazing instrument female brain actually is.

If you want to learn how to meet women successfully - you have to wrap your head around this fact.

Most women will screen you in SECONDS. It happens subconsciously and it happens that FAST. This is the way the evolution shaped our species.


Back to the point. Dig deep. Do whatever it takes. Go the psychotherapist if you have to. Do hypnosis. Get a thorough knowledge of yourself. If you refuse to do this, no dating guide can help you and the question of how to meet women will stay forever obscured for you.

What are your fears? Find out what they are and how did you get them. You can't progress with all that negative load inhibiting your unconscious.

Admit and accept that you have those fears. It’s totally OK. EVERYONE is afraid of something. Where are you on the map of the “inner game?” Not admitting that you are in a point A (ex., you are afraid to approach a beautiful woman) will not let you arrive to the point B (ex., to have a pleasant interaction with her).

You can and will root your fears out. Again, this dating guide on the subject of how to meet women is here to help you. But at first, the process of acceptance is vital.

Growing up, I was afraid to approach strangers. I got almost physically sick when I had to do that. Public speaking was out of question. Approaching a person on the street to ask for a way if I got lost made me feel nauseous.

I had the same issue with calling people on the phone. This fear cost me many “would-be” friends and “could-be” relationships.

One day I finally became fed up and swore to myself to change. I had this burning wish to be able to approach any stranger and make friends. It took me years but I finally got into a position when I could approach anyone anywhere easily.

I did not have an internet back then. I did not have any dating guide to assist me in how to meet women or anyone at all. All I had was a MASSIVE DECISION to change.

As a pinnacle of my quest, I had a solo DJ performance in front of 7000 people on a New Year’s Eve rave-party in a sold out venue in Amsterdam. I did it. You can do it. Anyone can. You only have to be really fed up with your shortcomings.


What are your desires and are they REALLY YOURS or society/family/ego-induced?

If so – find out what your REAL desires and wishes are.

Most probably there are plenty of things you actually forbid yourself to think about.

For example, I was denying my own polyamorous nature for many years. I had all those layers of hypocrisy installed by school/society/close social circle.

One of the goals of this dating guide is not only to teach you how to meet women but also to help you to release yourself from a tight grip of modern society.


Women cannot be your primary goal. If they are - they quickly start feeling the void in you and run away.

As a man, you must have a life mission. A passion. You have to stay on your path. This does not mean neglecting your women. This just means that your life must have a purpose different from pursuit of women or having a great relationship.

Women feel when a man has a balanced life. They naturally gravitate towards that kind.

The following areas have to be in balance:


Admit to yourself - what is a current state of your health. Set goals to improve it. Start exercising, going to the gym, running, playing ball, anything. You don’t do it for women to get them to like you.

You do it for YOURSELF. Women will see if you will pump yourself up just to look good for THEM. It will not bring you any result.

However, when you really do it FOR YOURSELF, for your own good feeling – they will sense it. You will become a magnet because you are doing things that YOU LIKE.


Admit where you are on your career path. Put the question of how to meet women aside for a minute. Guide yourself with another question, "Do I like my work or I just spend time waiting for a coffee break?" If so – decide what you want and start moving towards your dream job.

As a man, you cannot afford wasting your time on something that is not directly related to your passion and mission. Women sense this. They are HUGELY attracted to a man, who is on HIS WAY, doing what he loves to do. This dating guide helps you to learn how to meet women by putting yourself in a WIN-WIN situation.


You will have to change your beliefs about money. Social conditioning overloads us with a bunch of conflicting views on this subject. Money became a separated world with strange rules.

In fact, money is not a problem at all. A healthy way to view money is to see them as a direct result of you giving value to society.

Important note: Your contribution has to be seen as VALUABLE by people and society in general. When you provide enough value, the money end takes care of itself.

Think of any meaningful job and you will see this principle at work. Of course, there are plenty of people who live like parasites sucking value. It’s a part of this world too. The choice is all yours.

Society makes us believe that money and the question of how to meet women are directly related. However, they are not related at all.


Invest in building strong friendships with those who support, inspire, and respect you. Your circle of friends will most probably change a few times once you begin to grow and evolve as a person. Even your own family might be pulling you back. It’s OK.

My social circle changed more than once since I stepped on the path of conscious growth. Realize that interesting people will come into your life with time. You are raising your own internal vibrations so to speak.

Like a radio, you tune out of some stations (relationships) and tune into new ones. This is an exciting process and a sign of growth.

Having good, interesting, challenging friends is very important. Women will definitely judge you based on your friends. They will evaluate them too and at the same time see how do you behave within your close social circle.

Again - as this guide on how to meet women already told you a few times - do it all for YOURSELF. Women are very socially intuitive.

You start the process of changes to get an approval of the outside world. First, it does not really work. But at the very moment you give up your attachment to the outside approval and start doing things for yourself – the world turns towards you.


A good position to start the process of changes is to begin viewing yourself as an unfinished work of art that was standing in a dusty corner.

First, you have to take it to the light and clean it up. And then start perfecting it, making it more and more interesting and beautiful. It’s not about your looks. You will notice it following this dating guide. Personality is the only thing that really counts with women and dating.


Follow the steps described above in this dating guide on how to meet women. Reinvent yourself. Become a truly interesting man. When you do - it will become much easier for you to answer the question, "What kind of women do I REALLY want to have in my life?"

Read this article to learn the answers to this intriguing question...

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