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Before discovering how to meet men, I would like to remind you that this website already gave you the knowledge of how male brain actually works. You also have a clear picture of why do you need a man in your life, and what kind of man it is going to be. Now you can go out and meet him. But how to meet men "right"?

Let’s be honest here. There is an opinion stating that a woman can only choose from the men who already chose her. Why?

Most obvious, because of the way society programs people. A man is usually playing the role of a predator and a woman takes on a role of an elusive prey.

You can object that times has changed and it’s totally OK for a modern woman to show her interest. Yes, that’s true.

But if you approach a man just a bit too aggressively, it will fire his “anti-slut” defense mechanism and he will RUN away. Most men instinctively begin to feel weird when a woman is taking on the male role and starts actively pursuing him.

There is a type of men that actually DOES let it happen and feels OK about it. It is passive, metrosexual, slightly feminine kind of men. You see, the power shift that took place in modern society and gave women so much influence also conditioned many men to take shelter in their more feminine and passive side. Particularly when it comes to relationships and dating.

In the end of the day, it all depends on your personal choice. You might as well enjoy dating this kind of men. They are easier to stir and to dominate when it comes to long-term relationship. Dating advice for women on how to meet men in this case is simple – just go out and see what happens when you pursue men aggressively.

If you are looking for a different kind of men or you already tried the above way without too much success – read on.

What kind of approach can you use if you still want to be active but don’t want to scare him off? In such case, there is a very thin line you have to walk.

Before we go into it, there is another important realization I want you to have. The way of women's behavior in public that is dictated by modern society (and I talk mostly bars and clubs here) scares most men off.

Why? Facial expressions that women unconsciously copy from magazines such as Cosmo or programs like Fashion TV are far from happy, warm, or inviting.

They are rather expressionless, cold, and distant. Research shows that many men interpret that kind of facial expression like “despising.” Why do those beautiful women look like that? The answer research gives is even more shocking - because the world admires them so much.

In short, this sound like, “You adore me and I despise you for that.”

If this thought seems too far-fetched for you – just take your time and think about it. Ask people around you. Facial expression may easily turn good men away. They will never dare to approach. No amount of advice on how to meet men will help those ladies.

As I said before, women copy those facial expressions unconsciously from the media and from each other. Later they are surprised – where are all the good men?

This is why the first rule of how to meet men SUCCESSFULLY is deceptively simple:


This is a rule of a thumb among other rules on how to meet men.

Your happiness communicates many important things about you. People want to be happy so they are generally attracted towards happy people.

The same hold true when you talk about others. When you keep talking positively about other people, when you are consequently choosing to take a positive look at the situation, you are making a great impression on others.

This happens on deep subconscious level and often men will not even be able to verbalize all their reasons of being attracted to you.

Just remember, before he will get attracted, you will have to


You next tool from the "how-to-meet-men" box is your magical feminine presence.

  • Stay around long enough. Make sure he notices you. Do not expect him to approach you, though. Fear of approaching women is HUGE. This is a society-induced phenomenon and starts from an early age. Read this article on negative social programming and healthy relationships for the in-depth look into this subject.
  • Realize that generally used indicators of interest do not work with many men. Things like touching his shoulder while passing by or asking him for a lighter and then walking away – just do not work. Most men just “don’t get it.”

    This is why you have to


This piece of advice on how to meet men is hard to believe but nevertheless when it comes to the signs of attention - what is definitely “too much” for you is just a bit “not enough” for him.
  • Prolong your stare for a few seconds longer and add a quick (and welcoming!) smile. Stay around and do that twice if necessary.
  • Who said that you couldn’t talk to a guy in the bar or any other public place? Example: Just walk along and ask where the bathroom is. On the way back pass and give him a friendly smile.

    You two know each other already a bit. There is a good chance of your little conversation to continue.

  • Let’s assume that he starts talking to you. You can screen a man in seconds simply because you are a Woman. Just listen to your intuition – it always tells you the right thing.

Remember, how many times you let your mind (internal dialog) to prove otherwise only to say to yourself later how stupid you were to trust your logical reasoning. YOUR FEMALE INTUITION IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. USE IT.

Disregard any advice on how to meet men if it contradicts your inner voice!

You can start doing all those things with guys who would normally never catch your attention. Remember, you are changing your perspectives. So go and TRAIN! Just don’t throw them back when they summon the courage and approach you. Give another encouraging smile, a pleasant answer to whatever story they have to tell... It’s OK – you are giving them a chance!

In case a man approaches whom you really like – do not switch on one of those “bitch-shields.” Arrogance and aloofness are killers of attraction. Be approachable but not too easy. How to meet men successfully in this case? Find a balance!

In the end of the day, remember that finding the right man is a numbers game. The more men you meet the higher are your chances. You have to make yourself open and ready for a contact.

Other important parts of dating advice for women on the subject of "how to meet men" are:


Try to look great 24 x 7. Men (initially) pay a lot of attention to the way you look. Again, you can feel either way about it but it’s just the way men are. Make use of this fact. This is one of the most useful pieces of advice on the practical part of "how to meet men."

  • Good hairstyle and moderate make-up will do a lot for you. Too much makeup will make men wonder if you are hiding something. Seek professional advice if necessary.
  • Your teeth should be good and you should smell nice. That’s vital.
  • Men are highly attracted to visual stimuli. Every woman has something sexy to show off. Bring it out and USE IT.


  • Fitness or gym three times a week is highly advisable. This part of dating advice for women makes some of them quite upset. Just remember that your body is your friend - so invest some time into this friendship. As a result, you will look sexier and more feminine.
  • Decide if you have to loose some weight. If you are in doubt even for a second - you most probably have to.

You are looking for your dream man. Remember that he is looking for his dream girl too. Don’t strive for perfection but simply do your best.

One more thing: do not get too immersed in studying theory. Get out of your house and successfully apply this dating advice for women!

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