The Structure of Successful Interaction. Part 4 – How to Get a Girl. Moving Her Around

In the whole structure of how to get a girl there is one aspect that is often mistakenly overlooked. I assume you followed these series of articles from the introduction page all the way to the part where you two are alone. Go read those chapters if you have not done so already.

Right now, your interaction is going fine and you might not be willing to take any risks and just want to stay where you are and keep talking.

However, in order to speed things up and to build a stronger bond with a girl, you have to CREATE AN ADVENTURE.

An adventure where two of you are doing something together.

Do not worry; you will not need to do anything outrageous. The adventure and the sense that you two spent lots of time together are created in her mind automatically.

The only condition for it is MOVING AROUND a lot.

This creates an impression in our brains that we have spent much more time together than we actually did.

Go check the dance floor, then walk to the bar, get some drinks and have a short chat, then go look what happens in every room of the club where you two are aloud to enter.

Feeling hungry? Take her outside and have a snack together. The same set of rules is valid for any other location such as a birthday party or a corporate dinner.

Remember, keep conversation light, and fun. You are at the stage of building connection and comfort now.

You do not have to bend and be a yes-man. By now, you already found out if she is interesting and cool enough or you to invest your time and energy, therefore there are plenty of topics to connect.

Now it's not only about how to get a girl. It's also about the girl "getting you." Project your personality. Shine.

In short, at this stage, visit many places together even if it is within the same location. At the same time keep getting to know each other in a fun, light-hearted way.

What’s the next step in the structure of successful interaction? Read the following article on the subject of further building comfort and strong connection with a girl of your choice.

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