How to Approach a Girl - Learn the Structure Behind All Successful Interactions

After you start going out not really knowing how to approach a girl, you begin noticing other people' successes. Questions begin to rise. You quickly realize that there must be some hidden structure behind any successful interaction with women. And whether they are conscious of it or not, all winners are using that structure.

And indeed, you are absolutely right. You are about to learn something extremely valuable. Good news is that once you learn that structure and it becomes your second nature - you will not think about it consciously any more. All will go on autopilot.

Another important point is that after a short while your interactions with attractive women will become effortless, smooth, and VERY, VERY SUCCESSFUL.

You will become socially savvy person even if a couple of months earlier you were the shiest creature in the whole world. You will forget as a bad dream the fact that few weeks ago you did not have a clue how to approach a girl.

To reach that level you just have to go out, meet girls, and talk to a couple of them every day.

After two or three month, you will feel quite confident talking to anyone. After a year, you will not recognize yourself. If any of your old friends will see you after that year – s/he will be blown away by your skills.

I am absolutely serious here because I went through this process myself. I went from a guy who could not even hold a telephone conversation with a stranger to a person who enters a club in an unknown town in a foreign country and easily makes contact with everyone.

If I did it –you can do it too. Everyone can.

OK, back to the structure now.


First of all, realize that your ‘outer game” (the way you interact with others on the outside) is a direct reflection of your inner state.

In fact, your mental and emotional condition at every moment of your life is a direct result of your “inner game.” This is something to work on as a primary task.

What is “inner game”? These two words stand for “developing yourself, your identity, and personality from the inside.”

Technically speaking, “inner game” includes everything what is happening in your body and mind when you interact with women. Emotions are you experiencing at that moment are a direct result of it too.

Your goal here is to develop strong character qualities such as high self-esteem, courage, honesty, integrity. This will give you a right state of mind when you will interact with women. Read this Dating Guide - 7 Steps to Success for an in-depth look at this subject.

However, once the process of mastering the “inner game” has begun and your general confidence level and self-esteem have become higher, you will need a good vehicle to express those things.


The structure below gives you a good roadmap that allows you to efficiently lead any woman through all major stages of social interaction. You may call it “seduction process” or “successful pickup.” You can give it any name you like. The label does not change the process and does not have any influence on results.

Each step of the way is important. You have to follow them one by one without skipping any. Trying to “shortcut” will get the whole thing blown into your face. Therefore, be patient and you will be greatly rewarded.

The structure of any successful interaction with women consists of seven basic steps. Below you find all of them explained in detail. Read on.

Part 1. How to approach a girl - initiating interactions and starting conversations.

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Part 2. Getting her interested in you.

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Part 3. Getting one-on-one with her.

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Part 4. Moving around together.

Read this article to learn how to build an adventure and to speed up the whole process of getting to now each other...

Part 5. Building comfort and emotional connection.

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Part 6. Secrets of Seduction.

Read this article to find out about two things that are absolutely vital at this stage of the interaction.

Part 7. Going home together.

The name speaks for itself. Follow this link to learn how to take her home in an easy, smooth, and mutually respectful way...

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