Getting the Love You Want - Discovering What Kind of Man You Actually Intend to Meet and Date

This part of dating advice for women helps you in getting the love you want by creating a clear picture of a man you actually intend to meet and date. Not looking for love but just want to have a playmate? This method works just fine for that too!

This step comes logically after you got a good understanding of how male brain really works and obtained an honest and clear answer to the question, "WHY do I need a man in my life?"

Imagine you are sitting in a nice restaurant. Beautiful music is playing and sphere around you is magical.

This is the place where the best food in the world is being served. All your gastronomical wishes may come true here.

A waiter approaches and asks what kind of dish would you like to order.

“Well, give me something nice,” you say, “Something that will make me feel excited and alive.”

“What would you like to have?” asks waiter again.

“Well, I don’t know… something good, I guess…”

“OK, I’ll be back when you will know,” says the waiter and leaves.

The same happens in real life. This dating advice for women simply tells you that the Universe is that same magical restaurant and your waiter is listening carefully. In order to be getting the love you want you have to know exactly how it feels and looks like.

You have to make a clear and detailed order. Otherwise, you may as well sit and wait forever.

Once you know EXACTLY what you want - you have to keep that thought/picture/feeling in your mind. Think of it often. View your dream FROM A FIRST PERSON POSITION as if you already have it. This way you make your waiter (the Universe) bring you the order.

Did you ever notice that many things you DID NOT WANT to happen actually did happen to you? You might also have noticed that some things that you REALLY wanted also materialized in your world.

This happens because there is no difference for the Universe whether you DESIRE something or FEAR it. Strong emotion is a fuel for materialization of your desires (or fears).

When you follow this dating advice for women on getting the love you want, in order to meet a beautiful stranger you first have to fill in "the order form" so to speak.

In down-to-earth terms, this means saving lots of time and effort. When you know exactly WHAT you want – you will know WHERE to find it. You can then also easily learn HOW to attract it.

In the world of Dating, different kinds of men go to different places. You meet YOUR kind of men in a particular sort of place. It will be some place that THIS kind of men likes to visit (or where those men work).

In fact, this part of dating advice for women is very simple.

Sit down and answer the following questions. Take your time to think about each one.

  • Picture your ideal man. Who is he?
  • What are his main character traits?
  • How old do you want him to be?
  • What is his race/height/eye color/hair/hands/feet/… you name it.
  • What is he doing in life?
  • How does he feel towards you?
  • Are you intending getting the love you want or just finding a playmate?
  • Imagine two of you together. Imagine a perfect situation. See it in your mind’s eye.
  • What kind of relationship do you want to have with him? Create a picture of you already having such a relationship. Go into it and imagine it all in detail.

Intend to have this man and this relationship in your life sooner or later. Not getting the love you want yet? Don’t get frustrated if this does not happen overnight.

The outside world is simply a mirror of your inner world. All your intentions come true. With one major correction: this mirror has a delay. Therefore, it takes time for images you keep in your head to materialize around you.

This work will fuel your unconscious to start working towards getting the love you want (or just a playmate) into your life. Read this article on the subject of intention-manifestation from my Dating Guide for Men for more insights and inspiration.

Note: don’t use that picture to be eternally unsatisfied with any men you meet. Realize that real people and situations may differ a bit from an ideal that you picture in your head.

In any case, finding out exactly what you want in life makes things much easier.

For example, if you are attracted by intellectual, enlightened, open-minded men – you can go meet them in Yoga centers or porn-conventions in Las Vegas. Find out for yourself if I am serious about this last one.

On the other hand, if you are more profession-oriented and want to meet and date a club owner - you can figure out exactly where to go to find him. The same goes for doctors, lawyers, firemen.

Whatever it is, you can make your homework and find out exactly “WHERE?” and “WHEN?” This all becomes possible and clear after you give yourself a clear answer to the question “WHO?”

Getting the love you want simply takes a bit of patience.

And after you have a crystal-clear idea of “WHO IS THAT MAN?” you can move on and tackle the most challenging of all questions: “HOW DO I ACTUALLY MEET HIM AND MAKE NOTICE ME?”

Read this article to learn what is the RIGHT ACTION to undertake while you're on your path of getting the love you want. Find out all the DO's and DONT's of going out and actually meeting men...

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