G Spot Stimulation

First, how will you benefit from this article on G spot stimulation? In a few minutes, you will know WHAT actually is the G spot, WHERE to find it and HOW to bring your woman to an incredible G spot orgasm.

Very few women actually know that they have G spots. Even those who DO KNOW that G spot exists - often doubt if THEY have it. The secret here lays in the following 2 facts.

FACT #1. The G spot area becomes engorged, sensitive and can lead to an orgasm only if/when your woman is sexually aroused for a sufficiently LONG time.

It means for more than ONE HOUR for many women. If you are a good lover – this is approximately the time you take for a good foreplay, right?

If you did not know that any good foreplay takes at least this long – say “a-ha!” and make a HUGE mental note.

FACT #2. By many women, you will have to "awaken" the G spot area. What does it mean? The spot requires long and repetitive stimulation by a good (and patient!) lover. It may take a few days/weeks/months before her G spot finally “awakens” to all its miraculous powers.

It definitely will happen. It just may take a bit longer for some girls.

Read this article to learn all about WHAT the G spot is and WHERE to find it. Ready? Very well.

Now, once you know the fundamentals, you can begin practicing the G spot stimulation.


  • Communicate. Ask your woman to tell you whether you are doing things too slow, too strong, or too rough. Remember, communication is the key here.

    Remember also, what means “good” G spot stimulation for one woman often means “nothing special” for another. Never rest on your laurels. Every woman is unique. Pay close attention to reactions and calibrate accordingly.

  • Use the pad of your index or middle finger (or two of them combined) for G spot stimulation.
  • Always begin using very light pressure. “Very light” means here – not harder than if you would tap on your own bridge of the nose. If the amount of pressure you apply would hurt your own nose bone – reduce it.
  • You can always slowly increase the pressure. As a rule, always start light, take your time to build it up, and calibrate accordingly.


Use backward and forward motion following the contour of the upper wall of her vagina. Let your finger/s travel no deeper than 4-5 cm (2 inch) from the vagina’ opening. Use “come here” motion and slowly increase the pressure.


Move the pad of your finger over the G spot in circles. Start with very light circles and slowly increase the pressure. You can begin doing this with middle AND add index fingers combined after a few minutes.


Simply press for a couple of seconds with whole surface of the underside of your finger/s. Release the pressure and after a few seconds repeat it again.


Slide your fingers in and out of her vagina the same way you use when you are fingering her.

However, pay attention to the angle your fingers enter vagina. The angle must be exactly good for hitting her G spot with the pads of your finger/s.

Use moderate pressure for this one. Increase only if her reaction is positive.

Eventually, you can combine all the above techniques with the stimulation of her clitoris. Since woman's clitoris is THE MOST sensitive part of her body – you will have to learn another thing that all good lovers can do very well. Namely, to apply the “right” amount of stimulation to both areas AT THE SAME TIME...

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