Foreplay Tips

These foreplay tips will give you direct advantage over thousands of other lovers. When applied, they will immediately put you in the eyes of any woman into that special category of lovers who are worth keeping for a LOOOONG time.

Most people are so wrapped up in their own egoist pursuits that they take it along into the bedroom too. Trying to steal some pleasure from another and enjoy it without giving much back has become “normal” behavior for many men and women.

However, if you want to keep your partner and yourself satisfied – you have to learn other rules. Here are some priceless basics.


This is one of those “magic” ingredients that keep your relationship/s alive for years to come. You will feel sexual tension rising long before you enter the bedroom. Long foreplay equals ATTENTION as well as many other good things in her eyes.

This is exactly what so many couples are missing these days. Life imposes rhythms on us and those rhythms are often too fast. People feel like they need to rush through the day. There are so many things to be done.

Planning is tight; checklists are waiting; action guides pressing… Rush, rush, rush…

Stop. Take a deep breath. Think of you lover. Your intimate life deserves better.

It is an island where other rules are valid. Where you take time to meet your intimate partner again and again. Where every encounter means exciting discoveries and re-discoveries of some known and forgotten pleasures. Take your time... Release yourself.


Do not give her things she wants straight away. Let her wait a bit for her favorite kiss, touch, penetration. There is so much anticipation built in those 4-5 minutes of delayed pleasure.

It will feel so much more intense and vivid.

Don't go for her favorite deep-tongue kissing right from the start (like you always used to do).

Pull back, give her gentle lips-to-lips kiss, and pay attention... to her neck. Then come back to her lips and tease her with tip of your tongue for a few seconds. Pull back; kiss her arms and only THEN come back with passionate french style tornado.

See how wild she will become. Feel the tension. Dive in it. Flow. Be ravished by the way she enjoys your actions.


Learn to touch her so that she gets excited even when you brush your palm along most non-erogenous parts of her body. Read this article on the art of sensual touching once you finish learning this part of foreplay tips.

It is one of the most important skills that make her distinguish between a masterful lover and an amateur. What category do you want to belong to? Right. I thought so.

Once you will master this art – you will often hear women say very interesting thing about you. You may hear months later that she decided to go with you that very first evening only because you put your arm on hers in “such a special way… like no-one ever did before”.

You may also hear right away, while being in bed and touching her naked arms, “Please do it again, I enjoy it sooooo much”. There will be many, many variations to the above phrases. Invest tiny portion of your time in learning and rip those amazing results for years to come.


Her non-erogenous zones deserve as much attention as erogenous ones. What are they? Her back, neck, shoulders, her arms, legs, feet…

Applying these foreplay tips, remember that everything else than breast and vaginal area also cries for attention and LOVES being caressed, kissed and admired. Masterful lover knows this and ALWAYS spends enough time there.

Pleasant and unexpected rewards are often direct result of slow and thorough exploration of those areas. Your woman might have never known that backsides of her arms or upper parts of her feet are SOOOO sensitive and make her feel as excited as when you stimulate her breasts or caress her Venus hill.

Every girl is unique and those unexpected magical areas hide in different places. Take your time and give her the gift of discovering them.

Follow this link to learn more foreplay tips and secrets. You will find the whole list of articles on all aspects of this fascinating subject.

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