Foreplay Positions - The Secret Of Success

This piece of info on foreplay positions will provide you with immediate knowledge of WHAT TO DO in ANY foreplay situation. You won’t have to look at numerous pictures and forget them right at the “moment of truth.”

You won’t have to memorize unnecessary details and awkward body positions. All you need is a couple of rules given below and enough guts to apply this knowledge. That’s all.

To understand my point better, let’s step back for a second and ask ourselves, ‘What is the purpose of foreplay?”

Read this article on what is foreplay to find out.

You will come back armed with some interesting knowledge. Main part of it boils down to the following: in terms of sexual arousal, women are like volume knobs while men are like light switches.

Female arousal is a long and exciting process. Taking any shortcuts does more harm than good in most cases. It also does not serve your reputation of a great lover.

Think about it next time when you want to make a “quickie.” (Too many “quickies” in a relationship may eventually lead to various “issues.” Even when it is an open relationship. Best path here is finding a healthy balance.)

To achieve an orgasm women need more than a couple of minutes of passionate kissing and few strokes on their’ cheeks. However hard Hollywood tries to make us believe this short version of lovemaking – this is just not true, guys. This is female sexuality and good foreplay takes at least an hour. It can take more if you wish (or if it’s not enough for her) but in most cases an hour is a good measure.

Let’s go back to foreplay positions now.

The main rule for a good foreplay position is YOUR CONVENIENCE.

Let me explain.

Since your main goal is to arouse her – you need good access to all parts of her body. There is a sequence to female arousal…

In any case, once you start kissing – you want her face to face with you. This will give you additional access to her neck, hair, and outer sides of her arms and legs.

If you decide to caress her back, you can start doing it while being face to face but later you want her to turn back to you (literally speaking). From there you can proceed with giving her sensual massage, or anything else you choose.

If you want to pay attention to her inner thighs – you may start doing it while standing face to face but later you want her to lie down. Make her lay on her back and gently spread her thighs with your right leg. When she does so – you want to get down to her thighs with your face and hands and give your full attention to that area.

I can give you more examples but you are getting the idea.

Whatever you do – eventually pay full attention to that part of her body. Position her in such way that it is convenient and accessible for YOU. This is the main rule and deceptively simple truth about good foreplay positions.

Realize that your woman will understand and appreciate your efforts. In any case, don’t be shy, make her follow your lead and be open to experimentation.

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