What Society "Forgets" To Tell Us About Female Sexuality?

Female sexuality... Do you talk to people first met about sex? You often talk to your sexual partner about it? No? Ever guessed why not?

Suppressing your sexuality? Denying your very nature? No wonder there’s frustration all over the place.

I bring it up fairly quickly and this takes my relationships to entirely new heights… right away. Try it!

Media talks a lot about female sexuality both from scientific and social points of view. All discussions are very interesting but one aspect is missing.

So what is the forgotten piece? What always stays as a “forgotten” item on the list of any discussion on female sexuality?

Note: Great role in discovering all the information that follows below belongs to my good friend Johnny Soporno.

Society induces huge feeling of guilt on a woman if she follows her real sexual desires and does what she wants.

We all agree that men and women are equal.

We all agree that they are free in expressing their wishes and following their hearts.

Let us take closer look at this statement.

If a man decides to follow his heart and choose certain career path and tries to get there as far as he can everyone around him is generally supportive and happy. He is fulfilling his desire and this is generally considered a good thing.

If a woman will decide to pursue a career path and therefore to delay having kids and family she will be frowned upon by many people. Very often, her mother will be the first one to talk her off that. It is not her fault though, folks, she has been raised this way in turn by her mother.

Let us take it a step further.

If a man decides that he is a proud owner of his mind, body, and soul and decides that before his marriage he will be involved with two hundred women – it is OK. He will enjoy a reputation of a playboy among his friends and even his parents will not see any issue in his decision and behavior.

On the other hand if a woman decides to embrace her female sexuality and sexual desire and express an intention to get to know a few hundred guys intimately before she gets married... well... please, fill in the word that society will put on her.

Our society silently installs the belief that having more than certain number of partners (usually below 10) is a “slutty” behavior on woman's side.

It is nothing else but a form of silent oppression that blocks human potential. In this case, it makes women lie to themselves and to people around them about the true number of partners. In addition, it pushes females into denial of their natural urges rising from their female sexuality.

It even goes further.

When we are talking about sexual intercourse and that communicating with your partner during sex is necessary for building fulfilling loving relationship we forget an interesting detail. Alternatively, we just never thought about it at all.

Here it goes: if a woman knows really well what she wants in bed – she must be a “slut” because … well… how else would she know it and dare to say it without previously being with many partners?

  • Question for a guy: remember a situation when woman just knew really well, what she wanted and obviously had more sexual experience than you did. When she let you know of that – how did you feel even for an instant?
  • Question for a woman: how many times did you keep your mouth shut because telling him what you wanted was... well… let us say that your intuition told you that his opinion of you might change for the worst?

Bottom line? As a woman – realize that society paradigm too often keeps you down. Realize that you are human being with a free will totally capable of deciding how to behave and HOW and WITH WHOM you spend your time.

Do not buy into myth that if you do what you like you have to feel guilty and ashamed of yourself. Period.

As a man – learn to recognize and honor women that live according to this principle.

How much of human nature do we know after meeting just three people? How about thirty? And how about three hundred? We definitely know better after 300.

It allows people not to jump into marriage with the first person they know and later be bitterly disappointed.

Meeting and getting to know (intimately) so many people enormously increases chances of happy marriage (if one ever chooses it).

In any other case it leads to happy, fulfilled life without feeling of guilt.

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