Female Arousal

Let’s shed some light on the mystery of female arousal. After reading this article many people will never have an issue of girls “disappearing” after the first night of hot passionate sex. The last thing that crosses those people’s minds is that sex was not all that “hot and passionate” for her.


Particularly after their FIRST night together. She simply does not answer calls or there is some “serious relationship” in her life that suddenly shows up.

Keep in mind that this is just an excuse. She simply does not want to see him/her again.

However, once you will learn and apply facts revealed in this article –this issue will never be a part of your story. Moreover, knowing these fundamentals will enable you to satisfy her like very few people ever did.

Fact #1: Woman is like a volume knob. Man is like a light switch.

There is extensive body of knowledge that clearly indicates - the above statement holds true for any woman, across all cultures and continents. Female brain and hormonal work are functioning in a way that is totally opposite to male.

Once man sees an attractive woman – he in general gets excited and ready to go in a matter of seconds. This readiness decreases slightly with age but in general this is how male arousal functions.

For a woman it requires more subtle conditions met and much longer time spent in arousal stage. I am not talking minutes here. For a woman to get sufficiently aroused will take at least an hour of good foreplay. Follow this link to learn secrets of good foreplay.

Her arousal reminds a volume knob of an amplifier that goes up in very small increments. The more patient and persistent you are – the better results you will witness.

Use an hour of foreplay and see how your women will react. Be prepared for some serious ego-boost. Get ready to hear phrases like, “OMG... What you did was absolutely amazing…”

Fact #2: In many cases, women do not know their own bodies and what they are capable of sexually.

Nobody took time (and this is true for too many women) to get her REALLY aroused.

Most people hardly think about it and this leaves their female partners deeply unsatisfied. It is useless however to ask women about it.

So many of them do not know their own bodies and what those bodies are capable of in terms of sex. This is tragic reality of modern world where negative social programming of women with regard to their sexuality has taken over.

Did you know that there are 11(!) different kinds of female orgasm? Read this article to learn more about female orgasm.

What can you do to change the current situation for better? Educate women. Tell them what you learn on this website. Share this URL. Help women (and men!) to understand that there is an amazing world of pleasure that they were somehow missing all these years.

Fact #3: Female arousal is a delicate thing. Handle with care!

What does it mean? For a guy it’s hard to imagine loosing erection because of some strange scent or a couple of words. The thought of loosing it because of being unshaved or having problems at work can hardly cross his mind.

However, one unfortunate phrase, “wrong” cologne’ scent, a thought of parents coming back from vacation may easily ruin the process of female arousal. In doubt? Go ask women, they will confirm all of the above.

Solution? Communication is the key here.

Fact #4: Female arousal does not end with an orgasm.

Unlike male orgasm, that in most cases means sharp decay in arousal, sleepiness, and retreat – female arousal does not end with an orgasm. You can give her a short break and continue. For many women it will mean achieving new levels of arousal and pleasure heights including multiple orgasms.

The above facts are just the tip of the iceberg. However, if you internalize and use knowledge given here – it will give you an enormous advantage over 99% of modern sexually active population.

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