Eye Contact - Mastering the Fundamentals of the Dating Game

Before following this dating advice on eye contact simply stop and ask yourself, "What makes someone a movie star?" I am sure that along with excellent other qualities you mention eyes and eye contact. Good news - you can learn it too.

Remember, women screen you from the moment you approach until the last second of your interaction.

They do it unconsciously and often can’t even explain why they like some guys so much and are so repelled by others.

The first thing that tells a woman a lot about you is your eyes.

It holds the same importance when you talk to a man or if someone is talking to you. Eyes are one of the most important indicators of whether we get along well with a new person or not.

It is much more important then any verbal content of our interactions. Remember how strange it feels when you speak to someone and he refuses to look you in the eyes?

When I meet someone like that - my intuition triggers the alarm right away. The same holds true for your interactions with women.

Pay attention to the way you look at others while talking to them. Learn to look people in the eyes. Do not look away. Occasional gazes to the side are normal and acceptable. Too intense and too long look feels weird. However, it’s better to overdo long uninterrupted looks initially when you just start approaching women.

Actors exercise with a mirror when they stare into their own reflection for a few hours in a row. Get a big photo of someone with a strong look on your monitor and gaze into that person's eyes. That's another way to train yourself.

Play around with different ideas and techniques and find your own way to develop strong, confident, and clear look in your eyes. As in any other case, in-field experience is the king. It will give you enough feedback to calibrate.

Note: Movies are full of good examples. Watch “Out of Sight” with George Clooney. Pay attention to the long bar scene where Jennifer Lopez is at the bar alone. Two guys are trying to approach her but get blown out. Then George Clooney walks in.

That whole scene is based on a very intense eye contact. Watch it until you will get it. There is a lot to learn.

In fact, your eyes reflect your inner state. If you did all the inner work as explained in the previous steps of this dating guide – you started to feel confident and relaxed. Your eyes willl simply reflect that very state.

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