Dating Tips for Women - How Male Brain Actually Works

These dating tips on the subject of how men think are pretty non-conformist and quite non-conventional. But they work. Like magic. So... open your mind.

"I was throwing all kinds of clues at him whole night and he just ignored them! Is he blind or stupid?!" or "We are dating for a half a year and he just does not want to make any effort to think about our future. He does not answer my questions about us. How can I make him understand that it's important?"

This list of quotes can go on forever. Sounds familiar? So many women talk this way about men they date.

Do you want to join those who just laugh when they hear such a talk? Then read on.

Are men really so cold and dull? Not really. They are just DIFFERENT. Learn these dating tips BEFORE you are going to meet Mr. Right. Your chances of success will increase tremendously.

Let’s begin with one fundamental understanding when it comes to men and dating. This is the first of all dating tips:


Most men are complete idiots when it comes to women, dating, and relationships. They just “DO NOT GET IT” from female point of view. Men cannot read into the subtle signs that women give.

That is why when you use usual "humble" ways of attracting a man in public place such as accidental touching his shoulder while passing by or asking him for a lighter – they just DON’T WORK in most cases.

On the other hand, a man will approach you most of the time if (and when) he is under sufficient influence of alcohol. Why? Because fear of approaching women is HUGE.

Really. I saw guys who were decorated war heroes but their courage evaporated when they stood in the bar and wanted to talk to the girl they liked. No dating- or relationship advice in the world was able to make them move.


Men who DO GET IT are living in abundance of women and are not inclined to give up their freedom and enter in any serious monogamous relationship.

You can neglect these dating tips and plan the whole “battle” and finally even "get" him as a boyfriend only to discover afterwards that he is cheating on you. Do you want to spend time in your relationship arguing or lying to yourself? I don’t think so.

So the next of all dating tips you learn is this:


Men are quite simple. They are not into games. They like friendly, interested, positive, and CHALLENGING women. Not arrogant or aloof! The key here is the word “challenging.” You have to turn the tables.

Become a CHALLENGE for them. How? Try this: realize that a lot of attractive (and in high demand) men will be available and happy if at the appropriate time you indicate that you would like to have “friends-with-benefits” kind of relationship.

You are not in a hurry. You are not looking for prince charming. (This, by the way, is one thing that makes attractive men RUN.)

You DO NOT disclose if you have any other men in your (sex-) life but you make it clear that you may consider having a non-obliging, friendly, mutually pleasurable relationship with him. (Of course, you do some qualifying beforehand.)

This way you will turn the situation around. It is THEIR dream to be this kind of person. You will become a CHALLENGE in their eyes. They are not used to meeting free and open-minded females.

This step will create a powerful attraction and a lot of respect towards you. You will become a Very Special Woman for them in an instant.

Again, they are not used to this kind of honesty and this type of behavior from a woman. This way you are creating a vacuum between you two. And this vacuum will definitely suck most men in. This is one of the most powerful dating tips and secrets.

One condition: you will be telling the truth. You will not use this as a tease to get them following you.

In order for you to do this you have to be prepared to expand your comfort zone and be willing to discover new things.

Changing your mindset and ideas about dating will do you more good than you can imagine. You will have to give up your possessiveness, jealousy, and fear before entering such a relationship. But the quality and depth that you will discover are well worth it. It is as though fear is guiding gates to your personal happiness.

Read this article on jealousy to learn how to deal with this disempowering emotion.

Note: there will be some men who will not accept your mentality and way of life. Let them have their opinions.


Most men will never understand (let alone match) female emotional depth.

Therefore, try not to demand from a man too many things that have to do with emotional side of life. Try not to overload him with emotions, particularly with drama and negativity. This way you are undermining your future with him.

This is why it is so important for a woman to KEEP her friends and girlfriends and not to give up them all after entering a relationship.


Never assume that what YOU want in the relationship is the same what HE wants. Example: if you start dating a guy and don’t explicitly discuss exclusivity – he will go on and meet other women.

How to avoid misunderstandings? Talk about everything, express your views, opinions, ideas. Make sure you hear HIS side of a story. Until then take nothing for granted.

Men are simple creatures. They need things to be explicitly discussed or explained.

This one of all dating tips can be rephrased as a one-word rule: COMMUNICATE!


Men do not like to be convinced of things. Many successful men live by the rule: “I came so far using my own brain so don’t try to change me.” Any further pressure will result in repulsion on his side.

Remember the old saying, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

The longer you try to change a man the greater are chances of him loosing any attraction and interest towards you.


Most men (and people in general) run away from clingy and needy people.

Avoid being such a person by all costs. Mind that some guys are attracted by manipulation and power games. But do YOU really want to date that kind of men?


Most successful and attractive men do not consider the fact that you slept together any big deal.

The best thing here is to create a little vacuum by following the “friends-with-benefits” way of behavior.


Sex will not fuel your relationship for long. Most men become less passionate after 6 -12 months. It’s not good or bad. This is just the way evolution has shaped our species.

If you hope to attract him sexually and keep him “hooked” – this probably will not work. As a solution, you may consider having an open relationship. Read this article on different kinds of open relationship.

Check also Free Relationship Advice chapter of this website for setting up your relationship in a right way from the very beginning.

In any case, you have to share some values, norms, and have a good vibe together to be able to have a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

FACT #10

Realize that possessiveness, jealousy, and fear are your enemies in the world of dating.

Mature, fulfilled, and successful men run away if/when they see those three monsters. This is probably one of the most important dating tips that ever existed.

Keep these facts about male brain in mind when you go out next time. They will do you lots of good.

Now you can gracefully move to the next step and find out for yourself WHY do you need a man in your life...

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