Dating Tips for Women - Helping You to Figure out Exactly Why You Need a Man in Your Life

This chapter of dating tips for women is about finding an answer to the question “Why?” This helps you to clarify your goals and makes your dating journey simple and fun.

But before we venture into this part of dating tips for women, I would like you to have a very important realization.

Nobody can MAKE YOU complete, fulfilled, or happy. This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as a human being. You have to come to any relationship with a full cup. Fix yourself first. Do not expect another person to be your healer, psychotherapist, or a social circle replacement.

As Johnny Soporno says, “You can't make other person happy. All you can do is to remove obstacles that prevent him or her from reaching happiness..."

"It’s like bringing a horse to the water. You can lead her to the river but you can’t make her drink.” This is one of the best dating tips for women (and men too!).

By the way, for all of the following three situations you may as well be single, married, or freshly divorced, or whatever. It’s irrelevant. The most important thing is that this step becomes YOUR CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

For example, you may be still married but not entirely satisfied and looking outside of your marriage for an emotional connection. Alternatively, you may be single for a while and starting to feel certain pressure from your social circle to bring someone new into your life.

No matter what is the reason behind it - you have to make YOUR OWN CONSCIOUS decision.

So now, let’s follow these dating tips for women and examine three main situations when you might want to meet a beautiful stranger.

1. You want a stable, long-term boyfriend or a husband.

This situation is most widespread and it will be analyzed carefully and thoroughly below. Do not expect any mainstream, boring, or conformist dating tips for women here, though.

2. You are looking for a sexual connection with or without romantic element present.

May be you want see each other for casual sex only and if it goes anywhere from there… well... actually, you don’t mind it either way.

You may wisely consider this option to be the best way to start a solid relationship.

Inn this case there is no agenda and there is enough space present to develop mutual understanding, honesty, and trust.

When you don’t put too much pressure and expectations on things - they may unexpectedly become fascinating and interesting.

3. You want a "one-night stand" and after you never want to hear from that guy again…

Each of these three situations will require different approach and different way of behavior.


  • Right from the start, do not put too much emphasis on any particular encounter. You will have to meet and screen many men before you will find the one you really like.

    As I said before, realize that no relationship will make you whole or happy. If you are putting your own well-being on someone else’s shoulders – you are out for a disappointment.

  • Get a clear idea of what you are your borders in a relationship. What you are prepared to tolerate and what not. Tell the guy when it comes to it. Things are better when they are set straight from the very beginning.
  • So many men complain about women who were so different during the first few months of dating. As if those women were waiting and hiding their real nature and later slowly started to show their true face. This is the last of the dating tips for women you should be following.

    If you are going to use those hidden tactics you will eventually face cheating boyfriend at best and breakdown of your relationship at worst. Men are quite simple in these matters. They will not go for long discussions. Why?

    Because most men are scared of and disgusted by a “relationship talk.” They will choose an easier option. Cheating or breaking up is much easier for many men than conscious communication. It is not bad or good. It is just the way men are.

    I am generalizing here of course. There ARE some men who are highly conscious and open for any discussion. But the majority just isn’t.

  • You will have to take action. Putting online ad. Going out with a girlfriend or may be even alone. No amount of dating tips for women can replace a real-world interaction. Scared? You can always say that you are out with a girlfriend but she did not feel well and now you are on your way home too. Just one last drink…
  • Do not overplay it with “I am not available” kind of stuff. Understand that “aloof” tactics will NOT get you good and successful guys with an abundance mentality. They will not jump through your hoops too much.

    Those men live by “Hey, we like each other, lets just do something cool together” kind of mentality. There is a delicate balance between “He likes me so he has to make a lot of efforts to get me” and “Sure, I am available on his first call.”

  • Be yourself. Not just yourself but your BEST SELF. It’s not about putting up a social mask and playing a role. It’s about bringing up the best in you and living it.

    Communicate that you want people around you to be themselves. You want your new man to be himself too. Right from the start. Try to remove the social mask.

    If two of you will connect on something that is false and it will fall off eventually – what will happen to your relationship? Why bother to put a mask at all? Out of all dating tips for women, this one is most related to your future happiness.

  • Give him hints from time to time, of where he stands. Men cannot read into subtle signs women give. Read this article on how male brain functions if you have not done it so far.
Check Free Relationship Advice chapter of this website for setting up your relationship in a right way from the very beginning.


In fact, all points from the previous section are valid for your casual sexual partner. Dating tips for women are almost identical in this case. With one main distinction – you can do it with a lot less pressure and much bigger ease. Why?

Simply because you are not sweating the situation. You are not expecting much. And funnily enough in such a case, you have all the chances of success on YOUR SIDE.


You may wish to have a single sexual encounter and later never see that guy again. This is absolutely normal and it happens a lot around you. You may decide to continue doing this for a while.
  • Do not let hypocritical society norms lead you astray. What do I mean by that? Modern society makes a woman feel guilty if she has more than a certain (usually very low) number of sexual partners.

    If she changes partners often or has a few of them simultaneously – she is anonymously considered a “slut” by that fake and hypocrite society standard.

  • To prevent modern women from enjoying their sexuality and freedom (which we all agree is a person’s indispensable birthright) society makes them feel guilty about themselves, their desires, and actions. (There are many so-called "dating tips for women" in mainstream media promoting self-induced guilt and confusion.)

    This negative program is activated unconsciously every time a woman behaves as an independent and free-willed person. Note that this programming is done from a very early age and so slips easily under the radar.

It is imperative to recognize this society-induced mechanism working in you and to free yourself from that oppressive thumb.

Read this article on the subject of female sexuality for an in-depth view of this issue.

Now, after having answered to the question “WHY?” you will greatly enjoy the clarity in another very important question “WHO?” This article will help you in discovering WHAT KIND OF MAN you actually want to meet.

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