Dating Guide. Step 7 – the Final Stage. Taking All That Wealth of Dating Information and Creating a Spiral of Success

Once you start applying all the dating information contained in this dating guide, it’s important to create positive momentum and to keep moving forward. This chapter will assist you in drawing right conclusions, re-adjusting your goals, and keeping you motivated and fit.

See, the road to success is not all straight and smooth. It rather looks like a small step up followed by a long straight line.

Initially you start going out and having some results. You get very excited and motivated. And rightly so!

This stage will last for a while and then you inevitably will hit a plateau.

I remember a time I went out night after night without getting any progress (or so I thought). Sometimes, it even seemed that I was going backwards instead of progressing.

However, I knew that there was no way back for me. What was the alternative? Settling down for a quality of life which was far less then I felt I could achieve was not an option. I already had an experience of compromising things in my life and later waking up with that empty feeling knowing that I was living far below my abilities.

Where else could I go but forward?


While your logical mind does not perceive any visible progress, your subconscious is working hard on digesting massive amounts of social interactions data and new dating information. Lots of internal re-wiring is taking place before the final "quantum leap" is achieved.

It will come as an explosion. All of a sudden, you actually FELL that you are at a new level. When this will happen – there will be no mistake - you will KNOW.

So don’t become discouraged if after a while your progress seems to stagnate or to become "non-existent."

If you keep moving pro-actively, following this dating guide and applying all that dating information eventually any plateau will end. It is as inevitable as hitting the same plateau after a period of successful growth. BE PATIENT.

How do you deal with those plateaus? Simply go back to your action plan, re-evaluate your progress, see what works and what does not, list a couple of solutions for the “issues” found, and go back to action.

Put some effort in finding new friends with similar goals, people with whom you can discuss things. It’s a great idea to create a mastermind group. Does not matter if it will be a group of two, three, or five people. Most important is that you have common goals, get together regularly, discuss your progress, and give each other a constructive feedback.


In fact, your spiral of success will consist of the following steps:

1. Go back to Step 3 of this dating guide and check your homework notes on your beliefs, values, and borders with regard to yourself, women, and dating. Information contained in those notes is highly valuable.

  • Remember, you are constantly growing. If there is nothing you would like to correct, just leave things as they are. If you are serious about your progress, you WILL have some new ideas, thoughts, revelations. Write them down.
  • Read your own material at least once a month. It's a must. Your success in all other parts of life will follow this particular area of personal growth. Do not ignore it.

2. Get some feedback on your voice, manner of speaking, and body language.

  • If there is no-one to help – just ask someone to make a 2 minutes long video of you on a cell phone when you are talking to a girl. Seeing yourself from the side will give you plenty tips for improvement.
  • Get used to seeing yourself on video and hearing your own voice. Everybody has a strange feeling in the beginning. Get over it.

3. Check your physical appearance, cloths, shoes, and accessories.

  • Your taste develops and changes with time. Keep yourself up-to-date with magazines such as GQ. You may start with small details and later entirely change your style.
  • Ask your female friends for advice. Don’t have any female friends? Surprise yourself and get some.

4. Go to Step 4 of this dating guide and make corrections to your action plan.

  • Are there any changes in your monthly schedule?

    For example, you discover that going out after work makes you feel exhausted the next day. In such case, use this dating information and make a rule to have an hour-long power-nap right after you come back from work. Then get up, take a shower and go out.

5. Determine what skills you are developing coming month.

  • Are there any new skills you are starting to learn? Do not be in a hurry. Six months is a good timeframe for any particular skill.

    Example: good body language will take for most people about that time to learn. Speaking loud and clear may take much less. All varies form person to person therefore use your own good judgment while following this dating information.

6. Decide what you are actually going to do when out in the club (or any other place) during a coming month.

  • Set it in writing in your action plan and stick to it. I generally used 1-month timeframe for this kind of plans. However, you can use weekly or bi-monthly periods. It’s up to you to experiment and see what timeframe works best in your case.

7. Go out and execute your plan.

8. Come back after a month and repeat this simple process.

  • Re-evaluate your results.
  • Make new corrections based on your real-world experiences, adjust your plans, and then get back in field as soon as possible. Remember, your way to success is out there and not at home behind your computer!

Your ongoing assessment and re-evaluation of your progress will create a positive spiral of success and greatly increase your pace. To stay motivated, I used to listen to motivational tapes, read inspirational articles, and hanged out with the most positive people I could find.

Note: Do not expect your ego and your subconscious mind to go along with all these changes easily. In spite of you reading all this dating information, they are used to the safety of your old, grey, and dusty comfort zone. Just like my ego and brain were. Make a conscious effort to motivate yourself by ALL AVAILABLE MEANS every single day.

Return to this dating information whenever you feel the need to refresh your knowledge. As you progress, visit other sections and learn about female orgasms, threesome sex, squirting, different kinds of open relationships, and other interesting subjects. If you have any questions, simply use this contact form.

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