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Even before talking about dating ideas, here is a very important realization: there is no need to take someone on a date in a traditional sense of the word.

Ask any girl how she feels when some stranger invites her on a dinner date.

Two people who hardly know each other sit on opposite sides of the table and chew some food. What if your stomach makes some noises?

What if she gets a piece of meat stuck between her teeth? Been there? Sound funny but familiar, doesn’t it?

Both people feel awkward. However, this is what society offers everyone to do as a first option. This is one of typical mainstream dating ideas. Why? This encourages consumerism. Spend some money. Buy a dinner. Buy some flowers. Just buy. Buy into false paradigm that to be liked by attractive person you have to purchase stuff.

Buy cars, houses, cloths, perfumes for yourself. Dinners, diamonds, flowers for others. Even before knowing them well. Read this article on negative social programming and healthy relationships and this one on basic dating rules to avoid those pitfalls.

So the real question here is this: does she really VALUE that dinner or she is more interested in getting to know YOU, who you are, and what you stand for in life?

Read my other articles, talk to a bunch of attractive women, and realize that one thing matters – YOUR PERSONALITY. Not your money, your car, or your watch. Forget that false paradigm.

Modern society teaches us to assign much more value to things than they really cost. That's the core of the majority of the mainstream dating ideas. Sentimental value of an expensive bunch of roses is supposed to be very high.

However, if you ask any woman (apart from so-called “gold-diggers”) – she will tell you that a simple self-made CD with your favorite music will mean much more for her than any expensive flowers or the most luxurious dinner. Because it comes from the heart.

The truth is that you do not have to take anyone on expensive dates. You can simply choose some activity where two of you have the greatest chance to get to know each other. In fact, the best thing to do is simply make an adventure of your daily tasks and take your date along.

When I go for choosing a new venue for my event, I take my date along. There is no need for any exhaustive planning. She is getting to see most beautiful hotels, apartments, and residences. When else could she get such a chance?

I love interior design and for my seminars and workshops, I choose very inspiring and beautiful locations.

She gets to see what I do and what I like first hand. Between the locations, we have plenty of time to get to know each other and to get a cup of coffee on the way.

Do not frame this as a “Date." Just say that you are planning to do this activity ANYWAY and let the woman decide if she wants to follow.

So here is a list of creative dating ideas that are interesting, light, fun, and serve best your interest as well as your girl's.

  • Visit an art gallery, an exhibition, or a trade show. Anything that really interests YOU. Be considerate of your date’s interests too. However, if you follow my dating advice and make yourself into an interesting, compelling, and attractive person, there will be no objections to any of your dating ideas.
  • Go on a picture hunt with your digital camera around your town. I had an idea for a very long time to make a few photo series about different aspect of the city life of Amsterdam and Moscow. Two different worlds. These are two cities where I spend most of my time. Go on and think of your own version of this one.
  • Go for a walk on the beach. Sunset. Still sea. This is something special every time for me.
  • Go ice-skating. After an hours of skating, when are tired and a bit frozen you can go for a hot chocolate together.
  • Go wall climbing. Be considerate of your date’s physical shape though… Among all other dating ideas this one might be the most challenging for her.
  • Just get together in a quiet café and have a chat. Do not stay longer than an hour, though. Better go somewhere else (see above).

Important note: It is normally quite clear after about 30 minutes (and for women it becomes clear much earlier) if you two have some “chemistry” going or not. Go on with your date if there is some "magic" and don’t be afraid to leave early if you don’t feel any connection with another person.

Adopt the abundance mindset. There are so many opportunities around particularly after you visited this website and got all the knowledge including this Dating Guide for Men and this Dating Advice for Women.

When you know how to do things RIGHT, it's not only easy, it's FUN, for everyone involved. You can get there. After the program, your life will never be the same.

If your inner voice tells you “Do this!” then trust it, grab the resources given here and build your life the way YOU want it to be.

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