Dating Guide - Introduction. How to Meet and Date Beautiful Women

This dating guide will lead you through all the vital steps towards your success with women and dating. However, this is an ACTION manual and you will have to do some work on your side.

There is NO magic pill. There is no magic phrase that will bring women into your life or into your bed.

But there is a POWER in YOU to learn, to change, and to transform yourself into an attractive man.

This way everything will work. You may call it your “magic way.”

You were born with a gift called “assertiveness." As a MAN, you are well equipped to face challenges in life including your own personal growth. You can act on those challenges. Applied properly, this dating guide will tremendously help you.

Even from the point of view of modern society, you are supposed to go out and approach women. It’s all in your hands. So just start doing it.

But first let’s get some basic theory under your belt. You won’t need much to become successful. There is a MASSIVE amount of info on the web and you can easily get lost and drown in it. Often different sources will advice totally opposite things. How are you supposed to know which one to choose?

“Dazed and confused” - is your state after days and days of surfing the web and endless reading.

This dating guide keeps things simple and efficient. It represents the quintessence of WHAT WORKS in real life with real women. It’s all been tested and proved. Years long. First hand.

You may wish to return and re-read some of the articles in this dating guide later but it’s totally up to you. The whole success with women is about YOU getting insights about YOURSELF. It’s about your personal transformation. The rest will follow easily.

Modern society did its best to take your masculinity away and turn you into a self-doubting whimp. Read this article on negative social programming to learn more. It's time to use this dating guide and get back control.

Let’s begin with one important realization.

Actually, it’s funny to conceive that if a guy and a girl split up - it will take NO TIME for HER to find someone to sleep with. It will not be a perfect match but eventually she will get close to her desirable type. For that, she just has to go to the club and quietly sit in the corner. That’s it.

If she will go with a girlfriend – she will have to ask her not to send guys away and let the contact happen. The only thing left will be to make a choice from those who will approach.

This might be not her dream guy but she will still have something. This is her privilege in this life. She will ALWAYS have someone to go home with. No matter what her looks are. Think well... and you will laugh and say “Yes.”

For a guy – you come to the club and no one will talk to you. You can sit in the corner or stand on the edge of the dance floor whole night and NOTHING will ever happen. Unless one is very good looking and some girls WILL come up. Feeling jealous towards that kind of people?

He seems to have an easier time compare to the rest of men but he can only choose from those girls who already chose him. And that's not a real choice. If he will want to approach a girl who won’t pay any attention to him – he will be lost. So keep this in mind when you see some good-looking men being approached by women. Looks don’t make any difference.

In fact, that guy is in a situation most women are. Why? Because a woman can only choose out of men who already chose her. For the rest, women are supposed to passive. Did you ever have a girl making a bold move on you? That feels weird.

So stop looking at others and envy their success. Concentrate on yourself and your own progress as opposed to checking on the progress of others and comparing yourself to the world. This will release a lot of energy that you can eventually invest in YOURSELF.

Realize that to become successful with women you will have to go out, approach people, and start conversations.

If you do not undertake any action, it will be a long time until you will meet and date anyone new.

I am talking here about a kind of girl you REALLY want to date.

Too many men settle for something easy and convenient and later live lives of quiet desperation, drinking themselves to numbness.

You are NOT going to become one of them. You came here to learn how to live a lifestyle of GLORY.

Bottom line: what does your success in dating depend on? All depends on your PERSONALITY and your SKILLS. Let’s see how you can develop those using this dating guide.

It’s done by following the dating guide steps below, one by one.



In addition to your PERSONALITY, your SKILLS are the second most important element of the winning combination. This rings true not only for the world of your dating and relationships.

In fact, you are very fortunate that you stepped on the path of improving your success with women and dating. Many other areas of life require special knowledge that is not universally applicable.

The things this dating guide teaches you - are EXTREMELY USEFUL ANYWHERE. Once you master the skills below - your success in all other areas of life will skyrocket.

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  • How to Approach a Girl. Read this article to learn the structure behind all successful interactions with attractive women. From the first "Hello" all the way to the Glory...

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