Dating Advice for Women. Leading You All the Way to Finding Mr.Right

This dating advice for women is valid in particular for those who feel somewhat frustrated with the way their sexual and social life is going.

May be you are looking around and not seeing many potentially interesting individuals (both male and female) with whom you would like to get closer.

It is absolutely healthy to be checking out your environment for emotional and sexual pleasure and personal development.

It is also much better to go about it basing your actions on a vast knowledge base that others developed before you.

You get all you want by doing what ACTAULLY WORKS instead of spending years on discovering the same wisdom by trial and error.

If you’ve been to bars and clubs and tried things out then you know what I am talking about.

Let’s begin with a very important realization:

Mainstream dating advice helps modern society in dividing men and women instead of connecting them. Dating advice for women as you read it in magazines and on big commercial websites IS NOT MEANT TO HELP YOUR LOVE LIFE.

There are some bits and pieces of truth but the biggest part is not helpful at all. What is it helping then?

Media and society biggest and prime concern is general increase of consumption. Media companies generate profits largely from advertising, and for it to be effective, you must eventually buy something – whether it’s a piece of brand cloth, a car, a drink at the bar... you name it.

In addition, there is a strong fear in modern society against a free-willed female who decides for herself what kind of love- and sex life she is going to lead.

To get deeper insights into this hidden part of our reality read this article on sexuality in general and this one on female sexuality in particular.


What media tries to do (and quite successfully!) is to install in your head a belief that there is a war of sexes. You are a soldier in that war. Well, guess what - there is NO war of sexes, ladies! Men and women are at the same page.

Both genders are successfully manipulated into believing that there is a “war”, a “battle”, a “clash of interests”, etc. Therefore, when people meet each other on a “battlefield” of dating and relationships they behave in unnatural and funny ways.

In addition, mainstream dating- and relationship advice leads both sexes even further away from the truth.

Examples? Widely spread dating advice for women not to have sex within your first three meetings, or act distant and arrogant initially even if you like the guy, or dump him if he does not bring flowers to your first date.

To learn more - read this article on negative social programming and healthy relationships.


Are you surprised that after following this kind of dating advice for women you end up dating losers or “players”? Either you don’t want anything to do with that spineless creature or if he is a "player," he uses you and leaves after a while.

By the way, did you ever ask yourself why do you attract “players”?

Because a good "player" is exactly the type who will plow through all that media-installed tactics, artificial arrogance, and “I-am-so-unavailable” stuff.

On the other hand, loser-type will do exactly what you want him to do and so you will quickly get bored and do your best to get rid of him.


So how do you meet and attract loving, funny, loyal, and challenging person into your life? This kind of plain and honest dating advice for women is not easy to find.

Believe it or not, but there are MANY good men around. I do not even mention plenty of good GIRLS. Read this article on bi-curiousity and bisexuality if you ever played with an idea of dating a girl (romantically or just erotically).

A problem with men in general is that they don’t know exactly how to present their good image and to be successfully discovered by you. Help them out a bit and you discover that male “iceberg” has some fascinating secrets and undiscovered treasures.

You will be happy and surprised to find out that there is fun, sense of humor, loyalty, knowledge, and sexual potency. You will be able to discover all that without arrogance and trickiness of the metrosexuals and Casanovas "in law.”

Surely, you heard that “there's a great woman behind any great man". A lot of great men are waiting to be discovered by you, by a great woman, like Americas were discovered by Marco Polo.

However, before you begin your dating journey, you first need to clear up for yourself few critical questions.

The following articles will lead you step-by-step through the realization process.


Read this article to learn how men see the world.

  • Why so few men actually "get it" when it comes to women and dating?
  • Why the more you try to convince him of certain things the more distant he becomes?
  • What does a night spent together mean for a man?
...and much-much more.

This perspective will give you a unique advantage and many valuable insights.


Read this article to give yourself a clear answer to the question "Why do I need a man in my life?" There are THREE SITUATIONS when you might want to meet a beautiful stranger. Examine them one by one, find out which case is yours and act accordingly.


Follow this link after you know the answer to the question "WHY do I need a man in my life?" This article takes you to the next step of this dating advice for women and helps you to discover WHAT KIND OF MAN you actually want to meet...


Read this article of dating advice for women to find out all major DO's and DON'T's of going out and successfully meeting men.

  • How to attract his attention without scaring him away?
  • Indicators of interest. What is too much?
  • Social standards of behavior. Why do they do more hard than good?
...and much-much more.

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