Common Relationship Problems. Questions and Answers

This list of simple, honest, and definetely non-conformist answers to common relationship problems is constantly renewed and new material appears here very often. Make use of the orange RSS button on the left to follow the updates.

Due to the negative social programming people are entering relationships with a false view of reality.

Read this article on the subject of healthy relationships and negative social conditioning for a deeper look into this issue.

Such distorted view of reality quickly becomes a source of a whole bunch of common relationship problems. Why calling them “common”? Simply because everyone is misguided in the same way and walks into the same trap.

Eventually most peole have very common (relationship) problems.

Among other things, men and women are taught to ignore the basics of human sexuality and psychology. Men and women are programmed to base their views in this area on totally unrealistic expectations.

Since social programming (media, family, school) takes place at the very early age and continues for the rest of people’s lives – humans can’t avoid it or voluntarily re-program themselves. Common relationship problems persist.

Massive part of that programming is done before the age of 6. It is a scientific fact that before child turns 6 - critical thinking is absent and therefore s/he is not able do distinguish between true and false whatsoever.

Taking life in your own hands and CONSCIOUSLY choosing what your values and beliefs are IS POSSIBLE. It simply takes a bit of time and some effort. This website will show you the door. It is your task to go through it and to change your life and intimate relationship into happy, fulfilling, and sexually charged...

Q: My boyfriend’s sexual desire clearly went down after our first year together. I can’t say it about myself. I feel we are very close and intimate. However when it comes down to sex, he is simply not interested. Trying romantic dinners, sexy dresses, even a vacation did not help. What can I do?

A: You need less variety when it comes to sexual partners than he does. Man has a need to have multiple sexual partners otherwise his sexual desire for his current partner simply disappears.

He loves you and he cares about your relationship. However, his male nature shaped by thousands years of evolution acts differently. In simple terms, his penis says, “Well, I already had sex with this girl” when your boyfriend sees/feels/smells you. This is one of the most common relationship problems.

Do not take it as an insult. It is a simple fact of our existence. You can say, “I know men who do not have this issue.” You are right. Some men are less driven and may not need such a variety. You don’t know though, whet is REALLY going on in their families. Internet porn, prostitutes, or whatever else are often the best-hidden issues.

Once you know the truth, you can stop blaming yourself and stop doubting your attractiveness, sexiness, and female essence. You are totally in order. There is more in this world than monogamy model of a relationship.

Learn about different open relationship models and try them. There will be one that suits you best.

Q: We are together for 3 years by now. Everything is going very well but there is one problem. Namely – we cannot stay together more then 2 days in a row. It is simply too much. When we make a break for a day or two and get back together – everything is great again. Until after 2-3 days that circle repeats itself. When I hear my girlfriends who are living with their partners for years, I feel there is something wrong with me.

A: It is YOUR relationship. YOU define it. No matter how other people have it, this is what works for you. Stop looking at others and concentrate on your own life.

Realize that YOU are defining your reality so to speak. This reality includes two of you being happy. If this is the way – let it be so. Negative social programming is all around you.

Family, friends, and media – all will try to pull you into the mainstream line of socially approved behavior. Do not comply. Support each other and learn to recognize signs when one of you begins to hesitate and doubt. Support each other at such moments.

Q: I just discovered that my partner is having an affair with one of colleagues from work. First, I was seriously thinking about ending the relationship. Now I am looking for a way to save it. May be open relationship could be a solution?

A: Infidelity does not equal the end of a relationship. This is rather a wake–up call. This is a signal that some principles you lived by are in question. You can see it as a chance to grow and evolve.

At the end of the day, your relationship can get stronger then ever before as both of you had to face the issue and work on solving it.

How do you begin? Learn about REAL needs of men and women in relationships. Learn about how evolution shaped male and female brains. Surf through this website. Learn what negative role social conditioning played in your development.

Look at all those unrealistic expectations about your partner you had by the moment you decided to live together and vice versa. Re-invent main principles underlying your relationship.

This work needs to be done by EACH ONE of you separately. Then sit down together and a have a talk. Most probably, you will need more than one evening to sort things out.

Create new principles. Let honesty be one of them. I am not talking about hypocritical, generally accepted, and socially approved “honesty” here. Be honest about your desires as a man or a woman.

Give space to wishes and desires of your partner. Armed with your new-acquired understanding of social programming, male-female dynamics, and psychology – this is not such a difficult task.

Note: new questions and answers are constantly added to this list of common relationship problems. Make use of the orange RSS button on the left to follow the updates.

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