Dating Advice - Mastering the Fundamentals. Body Language

This chapter is crucial in your understanding of attraction. Your body language tells women all about you even before you open your mouth.

Sometimes you don't even have to say a word. If your body language is right and you are feeling confident and relaxed - the girl will do all the work and try to seduce you.

This is how important this issue actually is.

Recently, I had two girlfriends of mine calling me from a bar and telling how amusing it was for them just to sit and watch men and to make conclusions based purely on the the ways those guys moved and held themselves.

According to my ladies, it took on average about 30 seconds to figure any man out.

Later they spoke to a few guys only to confirm what they already knew from simple observing of non-verbal cues.

As you understand, those men desperately needed this dating advice.

In addition, scientific evidence tells us that 95% of any interpersonal message is conveyed through non-verbal actions. This means that just because you SAY something, this does not guarantee that the message is accepted the way YOU want.

Non-verbal cues can easily change the meaning of your message.

Do you realize now how important the language of your body is in conveying your message and personality to a woman?

There are some basic general guidelines you can learn.


  • Stand straight, relaxed, legs apart, your shoulders back. Stiff person conveys a sense of nervousness. A leaned back, relaxed and “loose” person seems sometimes too comfortable and lazy. This is an ideal posture for communicating with women.
  • When you talk to people - do not lean in even if it’s the nosiest venue in the world. Use your voice. If she still does not hear – pull her towards you.
  • Take up space. Spread out just a bit more then you normally do.
  • Do not keep your drink in front of you. Let it rest in your hand below your waist.
  • Do not move from one foot to another while standing and talking. Do not fidget, look around or move too much for that matter. Many movements are simply a result of your nervousness. Women read into these cues very well.
  • With a time, you will become aware of the little movements that you make with your body. You then can decide to leave them – if they are natural - and fine-tune them into movements that will help you to convey your personality better. Alternatively, you may decide to eliminate them completely.
  • Move in slow, deliberate motions.

There is more to the subject of a good body language. However, to make good foundation, you simply have to master the basics given in this chapter of dating advice.

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