Opening Your Mind About Bisexuality

The subject of bisexuality is extremely exciting and somewhat intimidating to many people. Let’s clear up this common confusion.

There is a kind of stigma connected to the word “bisexuality” in our society.

Think of most people’s reaction if you say “I am bisexual.” Try it few times just for fun.

Their reaction will be similar to the phrase “I am gay” and it will probably be a weird one.

However ridiculous their reaction may seem to you – well, it is what it is.

Let’s discover how things really are.

First, we put aside all those hypocrites who are shocked by someone even mentioning bisexuality in their presence. This website is not for them.

If you come here and keep reading means that you are interested in your personal development and you realize that most interesting things lay exactly right behind the illusory fence of concepts that society puts up for masses. Particularly when we are talking about sexuality, dating, and relationships.

Nevertheless, because of the society-induced fear of the word “bisexuality” - even those who may benefit from discovering the truth might be scared away. So let us first make clear what bisexuality means.

Ask any girl you know a question "Are you bisexual?" She will answer "NO" right away. (Unless she is highly self–aware, open-minded and free-willed person and she is openly into women. The type of women I particularly like and admire. My Type of Woman.)

Now change wording and simply ask another girl “Are you attracted to women in any way?” or “When was the last time you kissed a woman?” Don’t even bother asking if she ever kissed a woman because SHE MOST PROBABLY DID. Anyway, the answer to your question will be “YES.”

So there is definitely some degree of miscommunication present. Therefore, it’s useful to understand – what means “bisexuality” for those who discuss the subject.

Let’s leave aside labels for a few moments and look at what is totally normal for women to do with each other:

  • To be playful and gentle
  • To touch each other a lot
  • To hold hands
  • To kiss (all degrees of passion depending on the situation)
  • To stroke each other's hair
  • Many girls love to imitate lesbian couple by kissing and dancing passionately with each other in bars or clubs. (They do it mainly to get attention and validation from men but that’s a different story.)

To put it short: in daily life when opportunity arises, women will do things that look definitely bisexual for most men. For women it’s just the way they behave with each other.

Men on the other hand are quite distant from each other physically. Handshake and some rough hugs – that’s all you ever see them doing even when they are drunk.

So let’s come back to the word “bisexuality” and use it just for the sake of clarity. Let’s just accept scientific definitions so we can see what statistics tell us.

Scientists call the behavior when a man or a woman is admiring the body and the beauty of their own gender BI-CURIOSITY.

Attraction may be of various degrees. For example, it may include the wish if opportunity arises – to physically caress and kiss. Many people are simply scared of such a wish in themselves (society-induced fear) so they only may have life-long fantasies about such an occurrence.

It would be good for them if their dream would come true but that would depend entirely on their courage. Do not forget that society does not approve you having courage in such an “inappropriate area.”

BI-CURIOSITY gradually becomes BISEXUALITY when person is clearly attracted sexually and/or emotionally to his or her own gender.

S/he is still attracted to the opposite sex as well.

Bisexuality can also be of various degrees and start with someone having occasional sexual contacts with their own sex all the way to being sexually and emotionally in a full-blown relationship with a person of their own gender.

Person who is only attracted to his or her own sex is called homosexual or lesbian.

There is a whole layer of fascinating scientific evidence that sheds some light on the facts I just described above.

  • Statistics indicates that about 75 to 80 % of all adult females fall into bisexual or bi-curious category. The degree may vary from simple curiosity all the way to living with female partner. Woman can live with another woman or date preferably women and still be very much attracted to men.
  • About 7% of women are lesbian and have no sexual or otherwise attraction to men.
  • About 15% of women are so called “straight” (strictly heterosexual) and have no interest or curiosity whatsoever towards other women.

Men on the other hand exhibit totally opposite picture.

  • Men are either gay (about 10%)
  • Or they are strictly hetero (80%). They might have experimented with other men during their youth but that’s where it stayed. They are not attracted to men and they have no interest in sensual touch or admiration of other men’s bodies.
  • Only 5-7% of men are bisexual.

Interesting that on the graphic below there is a clear opposite mirroring between male and female dynamics.

Think of Yin-Yang opposite polarities here.

Yang (male) is aggressive and dominant and does not tolerate competition.

Yin (female) is nurturing, encompassing, gentle, and soft. Yin will not argue with Yin. Bisexuality is predetermined by this kind of energy.

Obviously, most women have bisexual tendencies but are afraid to give into them because of negative social programming.

Next step in development of their sexuality is to embrace their female sexuality, release the breaks slowly and carefully, and just TRY…

For a woman:

It will be very enriching and eye-opening experience to discover what other women can give you if you push borders of your comfort zone. You can only benefit from it as a Woman.

Most of my girlfriends are into girls and they all confirm that there is so much for a woman to discover, to enjoy, and to grow both emotionally and sexually when she chooses to explore her bi-curious side.

Recently I observed and… well, actively participated in one of my girlfriends' becoming an empowered and active Bi-lady. It took some eye-opening social deprogramming and some “field training” for her to realize how much she was really into it.

For a man:

Next step for a man is to grow up and to drop jealous reaction towards your woman being with other women. If you choose polyamory or any other kind of open relationship you are going to enjoy a wonderful new world of emotions, and sensations you never knew existed.

If you really love someone, you are interested in developing his or her potential to the fullest, right? This applies to both women and men.

If you release yourself, you will find a whole world out there waiting for you to be discovered.

Could you ever guess that when your girlfriend or wife is casting interested looks at attractive girl passing by she might be imagining all three of you in one bed?

Let's take it a step further. She could share her intimate fantasy with you and you could venture into new sexual adventure together. No more jealousy and no more guilt.

You will enter the state of total understanding and acceptance of human nature based on mutual respect, trust, and acknowledgement of one’s sexuality.

You can keep reading and guessing or you could join other inspired couples who enjoy their renewed relationships and go beyond their old society-induced boundaries.

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