The Structure of Successful Interaction. Part 3 - Attracting Women. Isolation

This article on attracting women covers the whole structure of successful interactions with them. From the first “Hello,” all the way to going home with you. If you have not read the introduction part and the first two chapters - feel free to do it now.

This far, you managed to successfully approach, begin conversation, and spark some attraction.

Whether she is in a group or alone – she already does not want you to leave. What’s the next step? What do you have to do now?

Next step is to get her one-on-one with you and continue building comfort and connection in isolation.

It’s really good for you if she is already alone and you can easily do it right there on the spot.

However, most of the time attractive women are not alone. The place you meet her might be a club, a private party, or simply a birthday and there are few friends of her around.

To achieve a situation where two of you are having a “private” talk it is often enough simply to make just one step aside so that she is not facing the group anymore. From this moment on your “private” communication has begun. How do you achieve that? Simply keep talking and lead the way.

Remember this word: LEAD. Leading is crucial when it comes to attracting women.

What about her friends? Since you were nice to them and in fact won them over – they will easily let two of you to split from the group even if initially it’s just half a meter. After talking for a few minutes, standing next to the group you can lead her further.

For example, go sit on the couch, get some drinks, or go around the club and look for your friends. It is that simple, “C’mon, let’s go look for my friends, I want to introduce you to them. They are very cool people.”

Because you are one-on-one, the emotional and physical closeness build much faster. Her friends do not distract her. In addition, when they are watching, she might not be able to open and have a real communication with you. Read this article to learn more about social masks, negative social programming, and healthy relationships.

If you did all the previous steps right - now you have a girl you like one-on-one with you. She is attracted, wants you to be around at least for a while, and to greater or lesser degree - she is INTERESTED.

It’s time to find out if you like her, to build emotional connection, and to find some common grounds so two of you will not be strangers anymore.

Important notes: 1) Remember to touch her physically slowly building it up from the early stages on. Read this article on touching. 2) Woman will not lead you. She wants you to lead her to where she wants to go.

Take your time, re-read and digest the above two points. If you will “get" it – from this realization alone - your success with women will skyrocket.

However, before zooming into emotional connection and comfort building I will tell you another powerful secret of attracting women – HOW TO BUILD AN ADVENTURE.

Read this article to learn how to build an adventure and to speed up the whole process of getting to now each other...

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