The Structure of Successful Interaction. Part 2 - Attracting Girls

Every success in dating includes attracting girls at the early stages of your encounter. Getting her interested in YOU. This article is a part of series about the structure of successful interactions with women.

I assume that you already followed the introduction page and this article on the subject of how to initiate the conversation.

So now, you are having a friendly, fun chat, attracting girls and basically having a good time.

At certain moment (usually between 5 and 10 minutes in) if you are feeling good, amusing yourself, and honestly do not care about the outcome of your encounter – she begins to feel that she does not want you to leave.

You have to understand that this feeling does NOT mean that she is ready to go home with you, marry you, or trust you her car keys. It is exactly what it is and no more. At this moment, she feels good when you are around. An important thing to know.

Note for bisexual and bi-curious girls: You get through all stages much easier than guys since there are no social rules prescribing women to behave in a defensive way while communicationg with other women. Negative social programming is much more shallow in this area.

This makes the task of attracting girls much easier for you as well as further isolation, changing venues together, and building emotional connection and comfort.

OK, back to the structure.

This stage of the interaction is typically accompanied by questions from her side such as What’s your name? / What do you do? / Where are you from?, etc.

Answer them honestly; however leave room for some fun, humor, and mystery. You do not have to spill your guts all at once.

This is a stage when you are beginning to know each other, finding common grounds, and generally confirming your mutual attraction.

Important notes: 1) Remember to touch her physically slowly building it up from the early stages on. Read this article on touching. 2) Woman will not lead you. She wants you to lead her to where she wants to go.

I know that internet is a fast medium. However, take your time, re-read and digest the above two points. If you will “get" it – from this realization alone - your success with women will skyrocket.

Your next step after attracting girls will be getting them aside from their friends with a single purpose for two of you to get to know each other even better. Read the following article to find out all about it...

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