About Alex May


Alex May is Moscow-born and Amsterdam-based sex- and relationship specialist.

After his university graduation, Alex spent long time traveling the world. He learned secrets of sensual Tantric massages, old Indian techniques, ancient shamanic practices, and modern Western trends and methods.

His quest for sharing that knowledge along with rising people’s consciousness so that they are able to access and freely enjoy their sexuality and intimate relationships actually never ends.

Right from the start Alex May felt an intuitive disbelief towards socially-induced relationship paradigm he was born into and raised to believe in.

His own experience plus tons of observations combined with in-depth research into various relationship issues and divorce rate statistics made him feel that he was on the right way.

He later expanded his knowledge and experience into the area of social dynamics and relationship psychology.

He stresses the importance of re-assessing people's REAL wants, needs, and beliefs, along with making conscious choices and heart-centered decisions. In short, this can be described as "unplugging from the matrix" and finding your TRUE SELF.

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